I went to the Federal Courthouse in Waco, Texas on June 20, 2000 to hear opening arguments in the
Branch Davidian wrongful death lawsuit. Opening arguments are a good indication of what evidence will
be presented. If you know the evidence like I do, you can tell a lot from opening arguments.

What I heard should surprise no one after seven years of hidden and stolen evidence. The courts are still
conspiring to cover up government misdeeds. I say conspiring because one of the Branch Davidian
attorneys, Michael Caddell misrepresented one of the three simultaneous fires. He got the south-west
corner second floor fire and the dining room fire right but he moved the gym fire at the back of the
building to the chapel area in the middle of the building and “admitted” that his clients lit it. In fact, all
three fires were lit by the FBI.

The next day the Waco Tribune Herald replaced that fire in the gym, but I was taking notes and listening
carefully and I heard Caddell correctly. Now, the gym fire is the one that really convicts the government,
what with the incendiary device pits still on the gym slab and the heat plumes from that area of pitted
burned concrete on the F.B.I. Infrared scans and the aerial pictures of a huge early fire in that area and a
tank tearing down that part of the building before the fire. (See No. 3, "The Fire" for more.) Incidentally,
the aerial photos shot from an F.B.I. helicopter don't show a chapel area fire, only the second floor
southwest corner fire, the dining room fire and the gym fire.

For the sake of politeness I stayed to hear the government's attorney, Mike Bradford. He tried to make
Koresh the issue and said that the Koreshite Branch Davidians shot and burned themselves. He
promised all sorts of witnesses to prove this. Both men omitted to mention that NBC from the south in the
main press area, CBS from the west in Alma Moore's yard on Old Mexia Road and CNN from the northwest
on the Dreyer farm at the end of Double EE Ranch Road all had a good view of what happened in the front
and back yard on the day of the fire because they were all on elevated platforms of various sorts.

These networks took video footage which is mostly still hidden despite the Texas Ranger investigation,
the FBI Crime Laboratory investigation, the Justice Department investigation, the US House of
Representatives investigation, the US Senate investigation, the Danforth investigation and the
murder/conspiracy trial and the wrongful death lawsuit. It is too late to tell the government that
investigations study evidence and it is too late to tell the courts that their mandate is truth and justice.

Amo Paul Bishop Roden