First, this is not one of those hoaxes that (purposely?) hinder the greatest free exchange of information
and ideas the earth has ever known, the Internet. No, it's about a real candidate, a Harvard MBA, former
Congressman, former governor, and a banker who has successfully started multiple businesses. His
name is Buddy Roemer. Check him out, he's real.

Here are the ten good reasons you should get involved and get him on the ballot:

1. Buddy is in a media black hole.

For decades, big candidates have been given big money by special interests and big name recognition
by the major media. These candidates have dominated the political process and the American economy
was tough enough to survive them. I would ask how these big money candidates are working for you
these days, but I already know the answer.

In the last five years, the American middle class lost half its wealth, about $7.5 trillion dollars. (Rex
Nutting, "How the Bubble Destroyed the Middle Class," MarketWatch, July 8, 2011). Between 1979 and
2007, the bottom 80% of Americans made no gains in income that were not immediately lost to inflation.
The income of the top 1% tripled in the same period. (2007 Dollars, Source: Congressional Budget
Office). Since 2007, wages have fallen.

For years, big money candidates have not done well for average Americans. Perhaps it's time to elect a
candidate that big money and major media are shunning.

2. Buddy is a job creation pro.

As Governor of Louisiana, Buddy cut the unemployment rate in half. Not only has Buddy personally
started up numerous companies, as CEO of a bank, he routinely chose which businesses to fund and
which to refuse loans. You won't catch him loaning over 500 million dollars to a company that borrows,
then declares bankruptcy, as Solyndra did earlier this year.  

3. Buddy will stop the loss of American jobs.

"As President, I think a person ought to stand to defend American jobs from unfair trade. I'm for trade,
I'm for competition, but unfair trading kills us. I will stop it. I will change the tax code, to quit rewarding
companies for going overseas. And I will have a fair trade adjustment on Chinese products. We'll get a
level playing field, and watch what America does. It'll compete with anybody on earth." (Buddy Roemer,
"Governor Buddy Roemer on Jobs," YouTube, Oct. 8, 2011).

Buddy has also committed to getting America out of the World Trade Organization, whose sloth in
dealing with unfair trade complaints has cost many American jobs. This will allow American negotiators
to deal directly and decisively with unfair trade practices. (For more on lost jobs, see No. 132, "Jobs And
Failed Policy" on my website, www.amoroden.com.)

4. Buddy has promised to reform the tax code.

"You can not read our tax code... You know why? It was written by lobbyists, special interests that paid
big checks to politicians to get their little special deal in the code. We have billion dollar corporations
that don't pay a penny in taxes. It's not right. Everybody should pay something, as little as possible, but
we're in this together. I would rewrite the tax code, 15% corporate instead of 35, but nobody gets away
with zero." (Buddy Roemer, "Governor Roemer on the Tax Code," YouTube, Oct. 8, 2011).

Note: reducing the corporate tax rate will stimulate the economy and promote job growth.

5. Buddy is a budget balancer.

As Governor of Louisiana, Buddy balanced the budget despite inheriting a big deficit.

"The battle in this country is against federal spending. That's the battle that must be won. And we need
government to be strong, where we need the government: to help people on the bottom, to defend our
shores, to prevent unfair trade, to protect America. I'm not against government. What I'm against is
sloppy, fat, bloated, inefficient government." (Buddy Roemer, "Buddy Roemer on "The Money","
YouTube, Sept. 2, 2011).

6. Buddy's idea of balancing a budget is to take the special interests off "welfare."

"I think our country is in trouble. We're giving our jobs away and special interests own Washington, DC. I
will not put up with the special interests... I take no PAC money, a hundred dollar limit and full
disclosure... I will not listen to the special interests with the big checks... I call them hogs in the trough
and we're going to kick them out." (The Colbert Report, Buddy Roemer Pt. 1, July 28, 2011).

7. Buddy supports both ending subsidies to Big Oil and energy independence for America.

"It's real simple, do away with all energy subsidies, for big oil, for ethanol, do away with it, and then, do
away with the Department of Energy... We need to be energy independent, we can do it by the end of the
decade." (Buddy Roemer, Greta Van Susteren,"Excessive Debt Shrinks A Nation,"  Fox News, Oct. 5,
2011). An industry that makes billions of dollars in profits can afford to develop American oil wells on its
own dime.

8. Buddy supports a strong military.

"I think our military needs to be treated first class... I don't think we can balance the budget by slashing
the military... We need to be strong. I might get $40 or $50 billion from them... You know these $835
hammers, uh-uh... But I'll keep them strong, I'll keep them free, I'll keep them with the most modern
technology... You don't have any idea how weak our military now is, because its dependent on foreign
manufacturing... Most manufacturing for the military comes from China.. One of the things that
concerned me about the military is that a high percentage of our modern jet fighters are made in
Taiwan, China, India, it's dangerous...

"Finally, you know, we're in three wars now, I think it's a little much. I like George W. Bush going after
the terrorists, I think that was a correct response... I'm not into nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan... I
am concerned about building this nation..." ("Buddy Roemer in Leominster on the Military and the wars,"
YouTube, Jul 26, 2011).

9. Buddy is a social conservative who respects the law.

"My Methodist upbringing is that marriage is a church function... between a man and a woman... But I
think individual states have the right to decide, as New Hampshire has done, what they want to do with
gay marriage...

"I'm a pro-life guy, but, you know, I vetoed two anti-abortion bills in Louisiana... They didn't protect the
life of the mother... They overrode my second veto, it went to the Supreme Court. They ruled nine zero
that it was unconstitutional." ("Buddy Roemer on Social Issues," YouTube, Oct 1, 2011).

10. Buddy seems to be a very clean candidate.

The worst thing the special interests have found to criticise about Buddy is that he's hard to work with.
His supporters admit that he doesn't have much patience with fools, but point out that he's brilliant and
usually right. On the other hand, in public appearances he seems to be charming. Personally, I don't
care if he's a little abrasive in solving America's economic woes. As long as the job gets done...

Buddy might be blacked out as a candidate, if you choose to let it happen. That means, however, that
you are choosing to let the special interests continue to run America for their benefit through
candidates of their choice. If that isn't working for you, at very least you should email this article to your

Personally, I'm disgusted by the rich getting richer and the middle class getting poorer. As you see, I'm
willing to put my time and effort into promoting a great candidate. I hope you will do so as well.

Here are some ideas. Put this article on your Face Page. Print this letter out and hand out copies at a
Tea Party rally. (Photocopied, it's one two-sided page.) Go to Buddy's website, www.buddyroemer.com
and volunteer. Send Buddy a donation.

Amo Paul Bishop Roden