According to my understanding of the Bible prophecy in Daniel 2, the jackbooted feet of the One World
Government are broken on a tiny church with a big Biblical message. In 1930, building on the writings of
the Adventist and Seventh Day Adventist churches, V.T. Houteff, founder and prophet of the Davidian
Seventh Day Adventists, preached the timeliness of Daniel 2, the prophecy of the Christian Kingdom of
God taking over the earth.

According to the prophecy of Daniel 2, the King of Babylon dreams of a great image of gold, silver, brass
and iron with feet of iron and clay. Then he sees a stone taken from a mountain without hands. The stone
strikes the feet of the great image and it falls down and blows away. Then the stone grows into a great
mountain that takes over the whole earth. (See Dan. 2:31-44).

The prophet Daniel explains to the king that the golden head of the image represents his empire, the
silver chest and arms represent an inferior empire to follow (the Medes and the Persians that overthrew
Babylon). The brass belly and thighs are a subsequent empire (the Greeks who overthrew the Medo-
Persian Empire) and the iron legs represent still another empire (the Romans who overthrew the Greeks).
The feet of iron and clay symbolize the world government after the fall of Rome, nations held together by
fragile bonds.

Taken collectively, these governments represent man's wisdom in ruling the world. Because men lack
God's love of mankind and commitment to justice, the fragile iron and clay feet are protected by armies of
oppressors symbolized in this essay by the jackboots they wear and by courts committed to oppression.

As the great image represents man's government, the stone represents God's government. The stone is
taken from the mountain (Christianity) without hands, not by might, not by power, but by a message sent
by the Holy Spirit. The message of the stone (tiny church, tiny portion of Christendom) overthrows men's
government and then grows into a great mountain, the Christian Kingdom of God, and it takes over the
whole earth. (See Dan. 2:44.)

Governments that deprive their citizens of God given rights must persecute those who resist. Since the
Bible promises a better world to come on earth after God's destruction of the oppressors, churches
illuminating these promises are also persecuted.

The most hated prophecy of the Branch Davidian church is universal land reform. Speaking of this, Christ
says: “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth" (Matt. 5:5). Speaking specifically of the
Kingdom of God, Micah 4:4 says "they shall sit EVERY MAN under HIS vine and under HIS fig tree; and
none shall make them afraid." The pattern of this land reform is seen in the aftermath of the takeover of
the land of Palestine by the tribes of Israel; they cast lots and every man got a portion of land. They did
not pay, they inherited the land from their Father, God.

Further under God's law, in every Jubile (50th) year, fields that had been sold were to be returned to the
original owner. (See Lev. 25:8-17,25-28.) A landless class could never be created. God says the land is His
and it shall never be sold. (See Lev. 25:23.) He wants it shared by all men. That's God's plan because He is
a God of love and justice.

I believe that the One World Government breaks its feet by stomping the stone church because we have
suffered two judicially aided and abetted land ripoffs and murder by poison of two generations of church
leaders and continuing efforts to kill the real messengers of the current generation.

Most of mankind is terrified of the jackbooted oppressor and indeed, their power is awesome. But God is
almighty and his promises are sure. Better to be a dead Christian soldier sure in the promise of
resurrection than a coward. The fearful are classed with the unbelievers and the abominable, murderers,
whoremongers, sorcerers, idolaters and all liars and are thrown into the lake of fire (See Rev. 21:8). To be
fearful is to lack faith in God ...

Amo Paul Bishop Roden