Obviously, you don't need instructions to sign a check or a petition to get Buddy Roemer in a debate.
These are good ideas, but fairly straightforward. Carrying a sign in a public place is trickier. If you're
convinced enough to believe that America's sick and Buddy Roemer is the right medicine, here's what
you need to know.

First, signing is a Constitutionally protected activity as long as you stay on public property and you are
polite. Sidewalks are OK, but private parking lots are not, and you can't obstruct traffic. The First
Amendment gives you the right to peaceably assemble and protest.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise
thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Choose a venue where a lot of people will see you. The sidewalks near entrances of big flea markets,
street markets, courthouses, and city halls are all fair game. I choose two street markets in the
Bradenton/Sarasota area. I walked through one with low traffic, but, because of the high foot traffic at
the other, I only stood on the sidewalk at an intersection. I carried two signs, one on my front and one
on my back, held in place by straps over my shoulders. In practice, there were some problems with wind
and control of the signs. Probably one sign per person is a better idea. I had some problems with sign
design also.

Because I travel on the bus, I thought I should have signs that could be rolled up, so I went with poster
paper. I think, for anyone who has their own transportation, stiff Styrofoam signs would be better,
however, Styrofoam signs are more likely to have holes knocked in them if you are careless. I
recommend poster paper taped to Styrofoam as the best alternative. White duct tape would be the most
unnoticeable tape choice, but clear packing tape would also work.

If you can spare the cash, you can buy professionally made signs. I made my signs using black magic
marker and two inch stencils. These produced a very legible, fairly professional looking sign. I choose
22" by 28" paper and put the message along the 28" length. Using a straight edge and a pencil, I marked
the paper at the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th and 21st inch on each end, then drew lines to connect the
marks. This left me with a 1" margins at the top and bottom of the sign and would provide for a 1" gap
between the top and the bottom of letters. For space reasons, my side margins were only 1/2 inch. So I
had seven 27" lines on each sign for the message.

The two messages I chose were:

FLORIDA GOP DENIES                                             END TAX LOOPHOLES
BUDDY ROEMER A                                                   BAILOUTS, SPECIAL
SPOT ON BALLOT.                                                    INTEREST PAYOFFS,
4 TERMS US HOUSE                                                 CHINA UNFAIR
2 TERMS GOVERNOR                                              TRADE PRACTICES.
BALANCED BUDGET                                                 MORE INFO HERE OR
CUT UNEMPLOYMENT                                             BUDDYROEMER.COM

(Oops: Buddy Roemer was a one term governor, I should have said LA Governor.)

My sign making had its challenges. Twelve letters fit in the lines easily, with a gap between letters of 1/8
to 3/16 of an inch. Fourteen letters weren't too hard either, with gaps of 1/8 inch, especially when there
was an "I" or two. Fifteen letters including an "M" or two just did not fit. (Note: for obvious reasons, all
layout should be done in pencil.)

I compensated for fit problems by scrunching letters. (Before you start scrunching letters, take your
ruler and carefully mark off 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch on scrap paper and memorize how big they are.) An "E"
is scrunched by drawing the two left lines that form the upright portion of the "E," then moving the
stencil 1/4 inch to the left before drawing the rest of the "E." An "O" is scrunched by three small moves.
First, draw the left outside line, then move the stencil 1/8 inch to the left, then draw the left inside line
and move the stencil another 1/8 inch to the left, then draw the right inside line and move the stencil
another 1/8 inch to the left, then draw the last line.

Most other letters can be scrunched in similar ways, but scrunching an "M" is tricky. First draw the left
outside line, then shift the stencil 1/8 inch to the left. Then draw the left bottom inverted "V" and shift
the stencil 1/8 inch to the left again. Draw the top central "V" and shift the stencil 1/8 inch to the left
again. Now draw the right bottom inverted "V" and shift the stencil 1/8 inch to the left again. Draw the
final right outside line and you're done.

Since I outlined my stencils in pencil, if a line did not fit, I could erase and start over. I did this on the
bottom line of the second sign. Originally it was supposed to read "WWW.BUDDYROEMER.COM," but
even scrunched, the "W"s were too big.

I handed out copies of "Why Hide Buddy Roemer? Billion$ Of Reason$," which is No. 131 on my website
and can be photocopied as one two-sided page. I had these printed before I wrote No. 133, "Ten Good
Reasons To Elect What's-His-Name," which also can be photocopied as one two-sided page. "Ten Good
Reasons..." would probably be a better handout if you just want to present Buddy's message.

I encountered a lot of unconcern with the state of the world when I was out signing. If you want to
politely debate with your friends to gain support for Buddy, or give them an understanding of how
serious America's problems are, or even recruit them to go signing with you, I recommend that you start
by familiarizing yourself with the problems. On my website, articles in the 130 series are (so far) written
specifically to simply explain why America is in such a financial crisis, a challenge only Buddy Roemer
seems prepared to meet.

Finally, the effort to shut Buddy Roemer out of the primaries is massive. Not only the major media, and
the GOP in Florida, but also the straw polls and all the Internet commentators I regularly read are acting
as if he doesn't exist. If you are serious about Buddy Roemer as the Republican Nominee, the only
reasonable answer to overwhelming Republican stonewalling (caused by their addiction to Big Bucks) is
taking the message to the streets in these last two crucial months before the primaries.

Amo Paul Bishop Roden

P.S. For everyday, I've decided to create the sign below on my computer, photo-enlarge and laminate it
and tape it to both sides of my tote bag. How about it this, ladies, shop and sign! I will put my sign where
it is visible when I snack outside or ride the bus and carry it slung over my back when I shop or walk my
5 miles a day.

Note: I printed out this page, cut out the sign below, trimmed the top and right side to a 3/8 margin (so
that it would fit properly in the top right corner of the photocopier), and photo-enlarged it 340%. My
result was centered on a standard size page. (If your centering varies, increase or decrease the
enlargement as required or ask for help.) The office supply store laminated my signs for me for a
nominal cost.  


QUESTION: Why is the Republican
Party hiding the best Candidate, a
successful businessman, Harvard
MBA, 4 term US Congressman, and
2 term Governor, who balanced the             (Oops: Buddy was a 1 Term Governor.)
budget and cut unemployment 50%?

ANSWER: Buddy Roemer is a REAL
reformer, who refuses Big Money
donations, plans to end bailouts and
payoffs, close tax loopholes, and
stop China's unfair trade practices.
Info here or