A lot of different groups have various issues in this country, and while I'm in sympathy with the
conservative position on most of these issues (I am after all a Bible student), I feel that many real
election issues are being ignored. The headlines about gay marriage and abortion have obscured them.

The economy is also a big news issue, but I believe that the issue is being addressed in the wrong way.
The proposed solution is to increase the "national debt" with big bailouts and incentives to buy and
spend our way out of financial crisis. This is a bandage on an untreated wound.

The world's economy is in peril for several reasons, and the American economy can only be repaired by
people who understand what is wrong and why it's wrong, and who are willing to deal with the real
issues no matter who they offend.

(I'm not saying that Obama does not know what is wrong, he does. But he lacks the will to offend the
powerful people who control the world economy for their profit.)

On a spiritual level, the problem is unrestrained greed, the love of money is the root of all evil. (1 Tim. 6:
10). On a practical level, our politicians have been unable or unwilling to prevent the looting of America
by the super-rich.

That brings us to the first real issue, the Federal Reserve and the national debt.

The Federal Reserve is an illustration of the looting of America. I have written about the Federal
Reserve before, see No. 96, "The Federal Reserve: The Tithe To Satan." Essentially the Federal Reserve
is a group of international bankers who control America's economy.

The Federal Reserve prints America's money and "lends" it to the government. The Federal Reserve
sets the national debt "loan" principal at the full face value of the amount of money printed. They pay a
few cents to the mint for each dollar printed. This amounts to allowing themselves over 95% of the
money printed as unspecified "expenses." These unspecified "expenses" have grossly inflated both
the cost of printing money and the amount of the national debt.

In addition to inflating the amount of the national debt, the Federal Reserve sets the interest rate that is
paid on the inflated amount. Early in this decade the American people paid between 5% and 6% interest
on the national debt. Because of the inflated amount of the debt, this amounts to looting American
people when the American economy is booming. Currently interest on the national debt hovers around

If a politician talks about paying off the national debt, he is either ignorant, corrupt, or gutless. (Enemies
of the Federal Reserve tend to be assassinated, see No. 96, "The Federal Reserve: The Tithe To Satan.")
Congressman Ron Paul has been trying to get Congress to audit the Federal Reserve. Last year, he had
an amendment to audit the Federal Reserve added to the Financial Reform Bill passed in the House of
Representatives: HR 1207. The amendment to audit the Federal Reserve was removed by the Senate
under the leadership of Chris Dodd.

I do not know all the riffs and shuffles that the Federal Reserve used to convert money printed for a few
cents per bill to a debt of almost 14 trillion dollars owed by the American people. But I do know some
mighty suspicious things about the Federal Reserve. Its name is extremely misleading. It is not Federal
and it is not a Reserve. It is a consortium of 12 private (for profit) banks, whose stock is owned by
international financiers.

(There is a lot of web controversy about who owns the Federal Reserve, for more information on its
ownership, see No. 113, The Bankster's Myths, And Your Lost Prosperity.)

And two recent powerful enemies of the Federal Reserve were assassinated. Congressman Louis T.
McFadden, who brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank
system in 1933, was assassinated (on the third attempt to kill him) in 1936. President John F. Kennedy,
whose Executive Order No. 11110 of June, 1963 gave the US government the power to issue currency
without going through the Federal Reserve was assassinated in November, 1963. Kennedy had $4.3
billion in silver notes printed before his assassination.  

And the Federal Reserve claims to be of benefit to the American people, however increases in the
prime interest rate, which is set by the Federal Reserve, preceded the nine American recessions that
occurred between 1957 to 2001. For example, three years of increases in the prime rate of over 4%
preceded the current recession which began in Dec. 2007. In the 1980s, the prime rate went as high as
21.50%, which is a pretty good return on any investment.

Finally, the Federal Reserve has called in political favors to avoid audit. So my question is, would you
personally deal with a bank that inflated the amount of your indebtedness, increased your interest rate
when you were prosperous, and refused to explain your account to you? Will you allow your
government do deal with such a bank?

I believe that an audit of the Federal Reserve would show that just the interest on the inflated amount
of the national debt has constituted an overpayment to the international bankers for their services. No
wonder they fight audit, lend as much as America will take, and never demand a return of the principal.

As for solutions: First, I propose that the US government stop catering to the international bankers and
audit the Federal reserve. I suspect that this audit will do away with the national debt, and save the
country 400 to 500 billion a year. In 2009, the interest on the National Debt was 383 billion dollars.

Second, Congress is authorized to do print money by the U.S. Constitution in Section 8, which reads in
part, “Congress shall have the power... 5: to coin money, regulate the value thereof...” therefore,
Congress should print enough money to pay the Federal Reserve off (if they are actually owed anything)
and to run the country. This would not be money based on debt as issued by the Federal Reserve, but
money based on the stability of the US government, perhaps partially backed by gold and silver.

The second real issue is the exploitation of markets by the international business community. They have
used globalism, the world economy that results from free trade, to maximize their profits. In the process,
they have taken American jobs overseas and shrunk the American market.

Every unemployed person in America is a lost market. Unemployed people can only spend money on
such basics as food, housing, used cars and clothing. By taking jobs overseas, American corporations
have shrunk the American market.

Overseas, the international corporations have paid low wages. They have created a class of employed
persons who can only spend money on such basics as food, housing, and clothing. So the international
corporations have done very little to create markets in the countries where they produce goods.

The result of all this greed is a world where many go hungry because they have no work, many with work
can't afford refrigerators, and the world economy is in danger of collapse because its markets are

The solution is really simple in concept. Force the international corporations to build markets. Force
then to pay good wages all over the world, and tempt them to bring industry into areas where people
are starving. If all the people of the world could afford food, the American farm economy would boom.

In practice this would be difficult to achieve. The only stick that the American government has against
the international corporations is the threat of closing or restricting the American market to their
products. That then is the stick that must be used.

Congress has to take the initiative in producing legislation to curb the international corporations. An
international minimum wage is the first step. This minimum wage would be based on the American
minimum wage, however it would be adjusted by the cost of living in the urban area where the products
are manufactured.

International corporations moving into undeveloped rural areas would be allowed to pay their
employees two-thirds of the international minimum wage for perhaps 20 years. This would at least
expand the market for basic necessities. Farm products and handcrafts would be exempt from the
legislation on the theory that they are produced mostly by individuals.

Corporations who fail to pay the legislated minimum wage to their workers would face import fees of 20%
to 30% of the wholesale cost of their products at point of entry. Corporations who falsified their records,
demanded kickbacks from their employees, or performed other illegal activities to avoid paying the
legislated minimum wage would have their products banned from the American market for at least a year.

The third real issue is illegal immigration. I can foresee a movement to end automatic citizenship for
children of non-American parents. Most Americans would support such legislation. But there is also the
issue of illegal immigration.

Many industries in this country rely on illegals to do a variety of distasteful jobs at low pay. It would be
better to register the best of these illegal aliens in a program that would lead to citizenship after 20
years and pressure companies that rely on illegals to hire registered aliens instead.

Those accepted into the registered alien program would have no criminal record, good health, a
speaking, reading and writing knowledge of English, and no association with countries or groups which
have a history of exporting terrorism. They would be issued an restricted social security card with photo
ID and thumb print. They would be required to work on the books (get paid by check with appropriate
deductions), and work the majority of each year in this country. A felony or violent misdemeanor
conviction would result in dismissal from the program.

Registered workers would be aided in finding jobs, businesses that historically relied on illegals would
be urged to hire them. Sanctions would be placed on businesses that continue to hire illegal
unregistered workers.   

The fourth real issue is the role of the American military. In history, the role of a military is to kill and
destroy as necessary to conquer an enemy or defend a homeland. Recently the American military has
been used in what are essentially police actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

I should tell you my prejudices. I truly hate war, but I think some wars were necessary, for example,
WWII. I abhor the concept of stabilizing and rebuilding a country you have defeated in war. It's not worth
one American life. To my mind, war should only be fought when there is an overwhelming threat to this
country or to avenge an attack on America. To my mind, war should be as small and as short as is
consistent with destroying the enemies military strongholds and the surrounding infrastructure. I think
war should be about destruction and instilling fear of reprisals. War should leave a hell of a mess

For many years America has fought wars like the super power that it is. This has been one of the factors
that has caused the national spending to be in excess of  the national income. I think this should stop.
I think that America should fight wars like a small country.

In land area, America is only about 6% of the world and it has less than 5% of the world's people.
Basically, America IS a small country. However, America outspends every other country on its military by
a factor of six. In 2009, we were the biggest military spenders at $661 billion. Number two, China spent
about $100 billion dollars. In 2009, our share of the world's military spending was 43%.

So I propose that America change both its military budget and its strategy. Slowly downsize our military,
get out of police actions, and plan to fight future wars as a small country. This means that we would
simply destroy our enemies strongholds, destroy the infrastructure around the strongholds and then
bring our boys home.

The fifth real issue is crimes without victims. In a country where a woman can legally kill even a child
that could survive outside of her womb, should it be a crime for a woman to sell her body? OK,
prostitution is morally offensive, but do any of the men who pay women for sex actually consider
themselves victims if they are not robbed or mugged in the process?

I believe that the main reason that prostitution is illegal is so the "wages of sin" can be distributed to
dishonest cops, organized crime, attorneys and bondsmen. Big brother forbid that a "working" girl
should keep the majority of her earnings. It might make fallen women uppity.

I cannot speak of crimes without victims without discussing the recreational drug user. The use of
natural and artificial consciousness altering drugs is morally questionable, but is it reasonable to send
the drug user to a dangerous place where inmates are frequently raped and murdered. Based on
statistics from 2001 to 2006, almost 2% of prison deaths were ruled homicides, while 6% were ruled to be
suicide and another 2% were ruled to be accidental or from unknown causes.

America has over 2 million people behind bars, officially the most in the world. (China and Russia report
less prisoners, but probably have not reported all their detainees.) I strongly suggest that America stop
throwing people in jail in situations where the only "victim" is the person himself. Not only is it
expensive for America, it offends the God given inalienable right of persons to liberty, both of person
and of conscience.

The sixth real issue is health care.  I don't really have an interest in this issue, because I don't go to
doctors and don't believe in "modern medicine." I eat a high protein vegetarian diet, dairy, occasionally
fish, whole grains, raw nuts and lots of fruits and vegetables. I exercise every day, walking over twenty-
five miles a week. I normally feel really vigorous and healthy.

I do however have a comment on health care. I lived in Canada for most of the 1970s. There everyone
has health care. Ninety per cent of the charges for care were paid by the government, however there
were limits on the amounts doctors, labs and hospitals could charge. In general, doctors would group
themselves into clinics, and the clinics would accept the ninety per cent as full payment for routine
care. Some doctors would provide high cost medical care to prosperous people, billing the extras to
their patients. Everyone had health care paid for by taxes. The scope of the health care was somewhat
limited, for example, less was spent trying to save terminal patients, but everyone was covered.

The chief problem with the current American universal health care plan is that it is complex and costly
and the insurance companies have their participation built in. Has no one heard of the KISS maxim?
KISS stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. In my opinion, a simple plan like the one in Canada would be
much more cost effective then the unwieldy thing that a Democratic Congress just passed.

The seventh real issue is food. Given the chaotic state of the world, sooner or later there will be
another world war. Those of you who believe Bible prophecy should note that the prediction of a third
world war is completely consistent with prophecy. (For an example, see Jer. 25:30-33.)  

With the world in continuing turmoil, a sure supply of food is an absolute necessity. Our farmers have
been at the mercy of the bankers and the commodities traders for years. The farmers are barely hanging
on, and all over the planet the poor are starving. I propose that the American government offer to buy
food grains and soy beans at prices that will give the average farmer a 20% profit, that is, the average
cost of production plus 20%. The government should offer to sell grain for cost of purchase and storage
plus 20%. The unsold grains would be stored for domestic or international disaster and donated for
humanitarian relief.

When the worst times of trouble predicted in the Bible come to pass, it will not be the politicians and the
generals who save the American people. It will be the farmers.

Amo Paul Bishop Roden