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Only Democrats Can Save America
(157) April 28, 2012 Sabbath The title says it all. (re-proofread 3/27/2013).

The Price Of Peaceful Protest
(158) May 12, 2012 Sabbath How the Supreme Court will likely treat the felony protest law. (rpr 3/27/2013)

Protesting Obama
(159) May 26, 2012 Sabbath How to protest without arrest and nine printable signs. (rpr all 3/27/2013).

The Americans Elect Hoax
(160) May 19, 2012 Sabbath How I know it was all a hoax. (re-proofread 1/9/2015).

The Ballad Of Buddy Roemer
(161) May 26, 2012 Sabbath A tribute to Buddy Roemer's epic struggle to present his message to America.
(re-proofread 1/9/2015).

Why Write-In Buddy Roemer (R-O-E-M-E-R)?
(162) June 9, 2012 Sabbath A suggestion that disenchanted voters vote the issues, jobs and economic
growth. (re-proofread 1/9/2015).

Double Down To Armageddon
(163) June 30, 2012 Sabbath Some thoughts on the timing and participants of WWIII. (rpr 1/9/2015).

Treating Radiation Injury
(164) August 18, 2012 Sabbath For the sake of your family, print out a copy of this article. (rpr 1/9/2015).

Obama's 4Fs Mean He's Unfit To Be President
(165) September 22, 2012 Sabbath Four good reasons not to vote for Obama. (re-proofread 1/9/2015).

The Drug Trap
(166) October 20, 2012 Sabbath Killing Christians for fun and profit. (re-proofread 1/9/2015).

Revisiting School Prayer
(167) October 27, 2012 Sabbath Why America "went to hell in a hand basket" (as my Mom would say).
(re-proofread 1/9/2015).

Agribusiness Insanity: Dead Bees
(168) November 03, 2012 Sabbath Details of how some pesticides kill bees. (re-proofread 1/11/2015).

Deja Vu, Titanic
(169) November 17, 2012 Sabbath  A look at the collapse of the United States. (re-proofread 1/11/2015).

The Plight Of Israel
(170) November 24, 2012 Sabbath A few comments on the Israel Palestinian conflict. (rpr 1/11/2015).

Modeling Real Reform
(171) December 1, 2012 Sabbath A look at real reform designed to confound political disinformation.
(re-proofread 1/11/2015).

Controlling Election Fraud
(172) December 8, 2012 Sabbath A plan to minimize election fraud by computerizing voting. (rpr 1/11/2015).

More Mass Murder?
(173) December 22, 2012 Sabbath Why mass murders are increasing. (re-proofread 1/11/2015).

Income Redistribution
(174) January 5, 2013 Sabbath How government gives the wealthy your tax dollars and helps them keep
their own. (re-proofread 1/11/2015).

Signs Of The Gathering; Part 1, Nuclear Proliferation
(175) January 12, 2013 Sabbath Remarks on nuclear proliferation and prophecy. (re-proofread 1/11/2015).

Tyranny Times Ten
(176) January 19, 2013 Sabbath A harsh look at creeping tyranny in America. (re-proofread 1/11/2015).

Signs Of The Gathering: Part 2, The Global Debt Disaster
(177) February 2, 2013 Sabbath The hand writing on the wall, go while you can. (re-proofread 1/14/2015).

American Prophecy
(178) February 9, 2013 Sabbath A discussion of the Kingdom of God founded in America. (rpr 1/14/2015).

Quotable Notables 2013
(179) February 16, 2013 Sabbath Economist Joseph E. Stiglizt; February 23, 2013 Matt Taibbi; March 2, 2013
David Cay Johnston;  March 16, 2013 economist Emmanuel Saez; March 23, 2013 Rodger Malcolm Mitchell;
March 30, 2013 environmentalist Allan Savory; April 6, 2013 economist John Williams of Shadowstats; April
13, 2013 David A. Stockman;  April 27, 2013 Ann Coulter; May 4, 2013 Lt. Gen. Ret. William G. "Jerry" Boykin;
May 11, 2013 Patrick J. Buchanan; June 8, 2013 Chris Hedges; June 22, 2013 William K. Black; June 29,
2013 Floyd Brown; July 13, 2013, Rick Nevin; August 10, 2013 Dr. Charles W. McMillion; August 17, 2013
Robert Greenwald; August 24, 2013, David Kapelian; August 31, 2013, Colin Flaherty; September 14, 2013,
Tom Philpott; September 28, 2013, Brandon Smith; October 19, 2013, Rush Limbaugh. (rpr 1/14/2015).

Life In The Kingdom Of God
(180) March 9, 2013 Sabbath A discussion of the organization of the Kingdom of God. (rpr 1/14/2015).

Normalcy Bias Can Get You Killed
(181) April 20, 2013 Sabbath A discussion of the preparations and reasons for domestic war against
Fundamentalist Christians. (re-proofread 1/14/2015).

Kiss Your Money Goodbye
(182) May 18, 2013 Sabbath A discussion of how the derivative bubble can legally take all your money.
(re-proofread 1/17/2015).

America's Death Spiral
(183) May 25, 2013 Sabbath A discussion of what will destroy America and why. (re-proofread 1/20/2015).

Signs Of The Gathering; Part 3, Satan's America
(184) July 27, 2013 Sabbath A discussion of the prophecy that America would become satanic.
(re-proofread 1/17/2015).

Crime, Inc.
(185) October 12, 2013 Sabbath A discussion of how America has generated crime and Obamacare.
(re-proofread 1/20/2015).

Signs Of The Gathering: Part 4, Blood Moons
(186) October 26, 2013 Sabbath (Revised) An analysis of seven former blood moon tetrads and a
consistent explanation of the meaning of the coming 2014, 2015 blood moons. (re-proofread 1/17/2015).

Signs Of The Gathering: Part 5, 100 Years Of Deception
(187) November 9, 2013 Sabbath What the elect know. (re-proofread 1/17/2015).

Keep It Simple, Stupid; Part 1, Obamacare And Employment
(188) November 23, 2013 Sabbath An application of the KISS principle to Obamacare design and
unemployment numbers. (re-proofread 1/17/2015).

Top Ten Reasons To Impeach Obama
(189) December 7, 2013 Sabbath The title says it all. (re-proofread 1/17/2015).

Ezekiel 8: Judging Israel
(190) December 21, 2013 Sabbath The reasons for the impending judgment on Jerusalem, Israel.
(re-proofread 1/18/2015).

Quotable Notables 2014
(191) January 4, 2014 Sabbath Jon Rappoport; January 18, 2014 Bob Livingston; March 8, 2014 Wayne Allyn
Root; March 22, 2014 Charles Hugh Smith; March 29, 2014 Lori M. Wallach; May 10, 2014 Paul Craig
Roberts; May 31, 2014 William Easterly; June 7, 2014 Walter E. Williams; July 12, 2013 Ted Cruz; July 19,
2014 Dr. Ben Carson; August 9, 2014 Rand Paul; August 16, 2014 A. W. R. (AWR) Hawkins; August 23, 2014
David Limbaugh; August 30, 2014 Michael T. Snyder; September 6, 2014 Bill Whittle; September 13, 2014
John Ransom; September 20, 2014 Nick Sorrentino; September 27, 2014 Hunter Lewis; October 11, 2014
John W. Whitehead; December 13, 2014 Senator Jeff Sessions; December 27, 2014 Allen B. West.
(re-proofread 1/21/2015).

Protecting Your Baby
(192) January 4, 2014 Sabbath Want to keep autism, allergies and ADHD out of your child's future?
(re-proofread 1/21/2015).

Message To The Tea Party: Go Big Or Go Home
(193) January 25, 2014 Sabbath Wake up Tea Party! (re-proofread 1/22/2015).

A Religion At War
(194) February 8, 2014 Sabbath Debunking the claim that Islam is a peaceable religion. (rpr 1/22/2015).

A Camel For Your Thoughts
(195) February 22, 2014 Sabbath A rebuttal to claims that Genesis is inaccurate. (re-proofread 1/26/2015).

Why Mammon Persecutes Israel
(196) March 1, 2014 Sabbath Why the super rich hate Israel. (re-proofread 1/22/2015).

Keep It Simple, Stupid; Part 2, Inflation And Gross Domestic Product
(197) March 8, 2014 Sabbath Why achieve when you can lie? (re-proofread 1/22/2015).

Revolution Versus Retreat
(198) April 5, 2014 Sabbath Don't get mad, get even. (re-proofread 1/22/2015).

IRTS Hurts, God Heals
(199) April 12, 2014 Sabbath The mark of the beast may save you from Satan's health care. (rpr 1/22/2015).

The Bundy Standoff
(200) April 26, 2014 Sabbath Accusations of corruption and desertification and suggested resolutions.
(re-proofread 1/22/2015).

(As punishment for my support of the Bundys, "unknown persons," who run continuous real time spyware
in the background of my computer, just forced a complete upload of all my files at 6AM April 24, 2014.
There were obvious signs when I logged on to sitebuilder this morning that at least four pages had been
changed, so God knows what errors or misstatements have been introduced. Needless to say, I still stand
with the Bundys.)

Divide And Conquer
(201) May 3, 2014 Sabbath How and why a progressive false narrative is used to divide America.
(re-proofread 1/22/2015).

The Obamacare Recession
(202) May 17, 2014 Sabbath Why Obamacare has placed the American economy in danger of recession.
(re-proofread 1/26/2015).

The Prepper War
(203) May 24, 2014 Sabbath Proposed resistance to the coming war on preppers, farmers and ranchers.
(re-proofread 1/22/2015).

Godly Farming
(204) May 24, 2014 Sabbath How to return a used up farm from the dark side. (re-proofread 1/26/2015).

Keep It Simple, Stupid; Part 3, Illegal Immigration Reform
(205) June 14, 2014 Sabbath Some questions the media won't ask that clarify illegal immigration issues.
(re-proofread 1/23/2015).

A Dozen Good Reasons To Dump The Democrats
(206) June 21, 2014 Sabbath Talking points to convert your Democratic frenemies. (re-proofread 1/23/2015).

Holy And Without Blemish
(207) June 28, 2014 Sabbath Why Christ's words and deeds condemn same sex marriages by ministers.
(re-proofread 1/23/2015).

Keep It Simple Stupid, Part 4, Liberal Media
(208) July 5, 2014 Sabbath What the Liberal Media won't tell you and why they won't. (rpr 1/25/2015).

The Plan
(209) July 26, 2014 Sabbath The specifics and timing of the plan to take down America. (rpr 1/25/2015).

Signs Of The Gathering; Part 6, Falling Idols
(210) August 2, 2014 Sabbath A perspective on current events in Iran, Iraq and Syria from prophecy.
(re-proofread 1/25/2015).

Angels On The Ground
(211) August 2, 2014 Sabbath An explanation of the giant holes in Yamal, Siberia. (re-proofread 1/25/2015).

Voting Mad
(212) October 4, 2014 Sabbath The first step to fixing America. (re-proofread 1/25/2015).

Jail Versus Jihad
(213) October 18, 2014 Sabbath Comments on how low opportunity governments insure stability.
(re-proofread 1/25/2015).

(214) October 25, 2014 Sabbath A discussion of Ebola with advice on self-protection and protecting our
troops. (re-proofread 1/26/2015).

Reprobate Minds
(215) November 1, 2014 Sabbath How turning from God confuses the mind and obscures right and wrong.
(re-proofread 1/26/2015).

Keep It Simple, Stupid; Part 5, Winning In 2016
(216) November 15, 2014 Sabbath How to elect a Republican president in 2016. (re-proofread 1/25/2015).

Keep It Simple, Stupid; Part 6, Fixing The Economy
(217) November 22, 2014 Sabbath Six suggestions to clean up America's economic mess. (rpr 1/26/2015).

Deep Dark State
(218) December 6, 2014 Sabbath Thoughts on the people who actually run America. (rpr 1/26/2015).

Top Five Reasons To Exit The Cities
(219) January 3, 2015 Sabbath Why you should leave now and how to prepare if you don't. (rpr 1/27/2015).

Before the next Sabbath, I will have had this website for 6 years. God has told me that the job of writing
articles is done. The Scriptural Index is up to date, but contains as many errors as hackers decided to
add. I will update the Topical Index and re-proofread more recent articles in the next few weeks. I hope
this website will prove a blessing to you.

Last, I would like to commend a few people for jobs well done: Allan Savory for fighting desertification,
David Brandt for pioneering cleaner food through cheaper, greener no-till field cropping (see No. 204,
"Godly Farming") and all of the authors mentioned in the three Quotable Notable articles for fighting
corruption and the ignorance that enables it. On behalf of the world, I thank you.

Love, Amo

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