I don't hate all lawyers. Abe Lincoln, one of my heroes (pictured above) was a lawyer. Another hero,
Linda Thompson, the author of "Waco, The Big Lie," which features the CBS footage of the Branch
Davidian Massacre, is a lawyer. A black defense attorney from Houston, Charles Freeman, another hero,
helped me stay out of jail when I was framed in 1994, but never asked me for money.

I do hate government by lawyer, the situation we have in this country now. Law degrees even occur in
families. Barack Obama is a lawyer, so is Michelle. Hillary Clinton is a lawyer, so is Bill. John Edwards is a
lawyer, so was Elizabeth.

Presidential or vice presidential candidates Walter Mondale, Geraldine Ferraro, Michael Dukakis, Lloyd
Bentsen, Jr., Joe Lieberman, John Kerry, Joe Biden all have law degrees. So do leaders of the Democrat
Party in Congress: Teddy Kennedy Sr was a lawyer. Harry Reid is a lawyer. Nancy Pelosi is a lawyer. In
2007, sixty percent of the Senators in the U. S. Congress held law degrees. (Wall Street Journal Law

Some really bad political ideas have come from lawyers. As President, lawyer Woodrow Wilson secured
passage of the Federal Reserve Act, and was crucial to the formation of the League of Nations, an early
version of the modern United Nations. The Federal Reserve has allowed the super rich to loot America,
see No. 96, "The Federal Reserve, The Tithe To Satan" for details. Neither the League of Nations, nor its
successor, the United Nations have been able to secure peaceful cooperation of the nations.

Lawyers have a particular mindset which I think is bad for the country. For one thing, they think laws
solve problems. So they go to Congress and generate large numbers of laws. A lot of these laws make
criminals of average Americans, even where there is no victim. The great pile of these laws creates
great confusion, which often can only be decided through the efforts of multiple courts and battalions
of lawyers. Sometimes flipflop decisions by the U. S. Supreme Court string the controversies out for

Additionally, lawyers are programmed to win, often at any cost and by any means. So we have the
Innocence Project, which is dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people through DNA testing.
"As of August 9, 2010, 258 people previously convicted of serious crimes in the United States had been
exonerated by DNA testing." (Wikipedia, Innocence Project).  

Also, lawyers believe in accumulating money, and some of them accumulated money during careers as
senators and representatives. "About two-thirds of United States senators were millionaires in 2008,
according to a recent analysis of politicians’ fortunes conducted by the Center for Responsive Politics...
In the Senate, 68 legislators were estimated to be worth at least $1 million... The average net worth
across the Senate was $13,989,022.98... In the House, 240 legislators were worth at least $1 million... The
average net worth across the House was $4,670,831." (Economix Blog New York Times, November 25,
2009, "Your Senator Is (Probably) a Millionaire"). In 2008, over half of the 25 richest U. S. Senators had
Law Degrees. These included Mark Warner, John Kerry, James Risch, Teddy Kennedy, Lamar Alexander,
Claire McCaskill, Mitch Mcconnell, Michael Bennet, Tom Harkin, Ben Nelson, Sheldon Whitehouse,
Richard Shelby, Jeff Bingaman, and Judd Gregg.

An example is attorney Barack Obama, who became famous as a senator. Most of his $10,000,000
estimated net worth comes from the books his fame allowed him to sell. Attorney Bill Clinton went to
college on scholarships. His net worth now is frequently estimated at $200,000,000.

Worst of all, lawyers aren't rocket scientists. This, added to their belief in accumulating money has
brought us their solution to global warming. Attorney Al Gore has positioned himself to become a
billionaire through the "solution" to global warming, the cap and trade plan.

Global warming is a complex subject. Based on Al Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," global
warming is a dire threat to the planet, about to flood low lying areas of the earth and destroy the homes
of millions by melting the ice caps.

About 30,000 scientists have banded together to oppose Gore's science. Indeed, Gore's science
ignores inconvenient facts that contradict it. There are signs of global warming on Mars, Pluto, Triton
and Jupiter as well as on earth. This implies that the sun may have more to do with global warming than
Gore's models suggest.

Additionally, global cooling in past has been tied to very low sunspot activity. Between 1645 and 1715,
when very few sunspots were observed by scientists monitoring the sun, the earth entered a very cold
period known as the little ice age.

Scientists at NASA have been monitoring how much solar energy hits the top of earth's atmosphere for
about 30 years. Since sunspot activity waxes and wanes in 11 year cycles, they have observed two
cycles. During this period, they found that sunspots and the solar flares associated with them had little
effect on the amount of solar energy reaching the earth's outer atmosphere.

However, the solar flares associated with sunspots release cascades of high energy particles known as
proton showers or, if very intense, proton storms. If these proton showers or storms produce
atmospheric phenomena on earth that increase the absorption or retention of solar energy by the
earth's atmosphere (from the current norm of about 70%), they could have a much bigger effect on
global warming than would be expected by their very slight effect (1/10 of 1%) on total solar energy. (The
little ice age is explained by the theory that proton showers and storms are important in helping the
earth to retain the heat of the sun.)

I do believe that excessive global warming is a real problem which is made worse by the way we live.
However I also believe that cap and trade legislation will only succeed in redistributing money. It will
have little impact on global warning.

Cap and trade is the nickname for America's Climate Security Act of 2007, which was introduced in the
Senate on October 18, 2007 by Attorney Joseph Lieberman and Attorney John Warner. Attorneys Obama
and Biden publicly supported legislating a mandatory cap and trade plan in their campaign. The cap and
trade plan would establish an emissions trading system permitting companies that emit fewer
greenhouse gases than they are allowed to sell the excess portion to companies that exceed their

The 4% commission on each sale would be paid to climate control exchanges. The cost of monitoring
and complying with cap and trade would fall on tax payers and manufacturing businesses. Both groups
are already overwhelmed in America. But cap and trade will make its supporters filthy rich.

Al Gore co-launched Generation Investment Management (GIM), a company for which he serves as
Chair, in 2004. ""The Competitive Enterprise Institute believes that the government policies Gore
advocated to the U.S. Senate in January 2009 "will make him and his friends extremely wealthy at the
expense of consumers." GIM also owns a 2.98% stake in the Climate Exchange, which in turn owns the
Chicago Climate Exchange. This gives Al Gore a financial bias towards promoting global warming control
through the trading of carbon credits."" (Wikipedia, Generation Investment Management).

The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is North America’s only voluntary, legally binding cap and trade
plan. While Obama was on the board of the Joyce Foundation of Chicago, the charity gave over a million
dollars in grants that were instrumental in creating the privately-owned CCX. As President, Obama is
supporting cap and trade legislation.

The problem is, cap and trade legislation is an expensive political and financial quarter measure, an
unnecessary stress on a faltering world economy. Global warming requires a scientific solution.
Scientists need to solve the problem!! America can only benefit from leading the world in this research.

Among the questions that should be asked, can the technology for focusing microwaves that is at the
heart of the Strategic Defense Initiative (in 1993, its name was changed to the Ballistic Missile Defense
Organization) be used to change earth's atmosphere in ways that increase normal dark side heat loss of
the earth? Is there any other feasible technology that could either reduce the amount of heat from the
sun that is absorbed by the earth or increase the earth's heat loss to space? Would removing night time
clouds from hot spots like industrial and population centers accelerate planetary heat loss? Can
existing technology control cloud cover?

A reasonable deadline for concerned scientists to solve the problem of global warming appears to be
2013 as overlapping sun cycles suggest a huge proton storm event(s?) in that year. It seems possible
(from the evidence of the little ice age, where the absence of sun spots, solar flares and proton
showers and storms may have made the world colder) that proton storms could make global warming
much worse. My recommendation: stop all this climate exchange nonsense and fund the scientific
research at once.

Amo Paul Bishop Roden