Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was a believer in kitchen medicine. He said, "Let food be
thy medicine..." He also was a believer in exercise, "Walking is man's best medicine." And finally, he
believed in the immune system as the mechanism of healing, "Natural forces within us are the true
healers of disease."

I am also a believer in all these principles, but I don't believe in doctors or modern medicine. I have not
seen a doctor since 1992, and I've only taken one dose of medicine in the last 20 years, a headache
powder. I think modern medicines are poisonous and modern medical practice is painful, expensive and
ineffective. I say these things not to influence you, but to make you aware of my prejudices.

I do not claim to be a healer or to understand disease, however I have read continuously in the area of
nutrition for the last forty years. I have survived almost twenty years of quiet attempts to kill me for my
religious and political beliefs. There are two reasons that I survived. First, God's grace preserved me.
Second, kitchen medicine kept me alive. "Let food be thy medicine..." (Hippocrates).


The first fundamental of kitchen medicine is healing. Laboratory experiments using human nerve tissue
done in the 1980s showed that cell growth was eleven times greater when all twenty-two amino acids
were supplied to the nerve cells, rather than only the eight amino acids that the cells must have, the
"eight essential amino acids."

Some explanation is required. Amino acids are the components of protein. The twenty-two amino acids
are all of the amino acids that each cell needs to survive and reproduce itself. The "eight essential
amino acids" are a subset of the twenty-two from which the cell can create all of the twenty two.

As you see from the experiment, eight amino acids are good, but twenty-two amino acids are much,
much better. Another way to look at it, while your cells are breaking down and reconfiguring the eight
essential amino acids into the twenty-two they need, they are using up over 90% of the healing potential
of your protein intake.

In summation, you could accelerate your healing and quickly create new cells for your immune system by
providing your body with all twenty-two amino acids at each meal
. "Natural forces within us are the true
healers of disease." (Hippocrates). Empowering your immune system will help you overcome disease.

More study needs to be done to discover the fine points of this technique, but I can provide you with
some combinations of foods which accelerate healing greatly. The classic is three parts whole grains,
one part beans, and raw nuts or seeds as a garnish. Usually this is cooked with vegetables, I particularly
like a tomato base and to gild the lily, I melt cheese on top. Whole grain cereals cooked in milk with
raisins and topped with raw walnuts or pecans provide or come close to providing twenty-two amino
acids. Yogurt eaten with granola and nuts is a good combination. A whole grain bread with cheese and
some trail mix is a quick and excellent lunch. In general, mix whole grains and raw nuts with animal
protein or beans at most meals.


If you have chronic disease, you need to eat foods that flush the body.
If you are seriously ill, these
cleansing foods should be most of what you eat.
The cleansing foods are fruits, preferably raw,
vegetables, raw or steamed, and whole grains, cooked beans and raw nuts. The best fruits are oranges,
grapefruit, and lemons and the best vegetables are greens, carrots and cole crops like broccoli,
cauliflower and cabbage. Brown rice might be best, but all whole grains are good.


Natural pain control depends on calcium. Many compounds interfere with you body's ability to use
calcium. Sugar is one of these compounds, I suspect the escalating need for (and rapid addiction to)
some pain medications is because they contain a compound that prevents calcium absorption.

At 67, I've shrunk an inch and a half and I fell off a bike and broke a rib several years ago, my bones are
fragile. I have an unrelenting exercise program, I walk every day and average better that 25 miles a
week. "Walking is man's best medicine." (Hippocrates). I have pain: foot pain, back pain, hip pain, knee
pain and even hand pain from an old injury. I also have fairly effective pain control. My pain is generally
brief and mild.

Because of the persecution, my diet is heavily skewed toward pain control, I eat calcium rich foods at
every meal. Over half of the protein I intake comes from milk products, particularly cheese and yogurt. I
also get calcium from greens and broccoli and canned fish like sardines, which have edible bones. The
body requires Vitamin D and Vitamin C to use calcium, so I exercise outdoors and eat citrus fruit daily as
part of my pain control program.


I have been under external pressure for years, but I have spent those years full of internal peace and
cheerfulness. In part, this comes from my relationship with God, the benefit of unceasing prayer. But, it
is also a result of my daily exercise program, which releases endorphins that make me cheerful. I think
the fact that I don't take medicines, rarely eat sugar or chemical food additives, and flush my body
continuously with fruits and vegetables and whole grains may also play a part in my mental stability.

The advice I would give to a depressed person is stop eating sugar (google "sugar blues"),
over-the-counter drugs and food chemicals and start daily walks in the sunshine, working up to three
miles a day. I would give the same advice to a psychotic, but I would add, when you have been
exercising, on a chemical free diet, and without symptoms of psychosis for a year, slowly reduce your
medication by 1/4 a month. Have a close friend or relative monitor you daily for recurrence of psychosis
during drug withdrawal and for the first months off anti-psychotic medicine.

The reason I think psychotics might be better without drugs has to do with George Roden. I was married
to the man. In the course of that marriage, I called him some names, but "crazy" was not one of them. In
the fall of 1989, George was arrested for shooting Dale Adair with Dale's gun after a struggle and after a
year and a half in custody and a heart attack (under Texas Law, his court appointed attorney could have
had him released in six months), George agreed to change his plea from Not Guilty By Reason Of Self
Defense to Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity. At the time I was broke and had a new baby, I could not help

In the winter of 1992 / 1993, I drove several hundred miles to Midland / Odessa and read George's legal
file, which said he had hallucinations. I didn't quite believe that, but I noticed that he was taking six
medications at the hospital. So I wrote them down, and when I returned to Waco, I looked up the drugs
that they gave him everyday in a Physicians Desk Reference, which lists the side effects of drugs. Two
of the six, when tested separately, produced psychotic symptoms in about one person in two hundred.

Since drugs are not tested in combination, who knows what the six taken together might cause.
(Incidentally, when I discussed the situation with George, he said that he never had hallucinations.)
Anyway, there is some chance that some over-the-counter drugs or drug combinations may make you
psychotic, so if you are diagnosed psychotic, consider throwing them out.

Amo Paul Bishop Roden