I suppose I should define a cult, but its difficult. Christ and the Apostles were a cult in their day, but they
were righteous. David Koresh sold guns out of a Christian church, shot his enemies and had sex with
preteens. His church was considered a cult and he wasn't righteous. Both threatened officialdom; Christ
by bringing a message from God, Koresh by creating a scandal (child brides) which embarrassed those
who had used him in an attempt to destroy the original Branch Davidian Church.

I suppose common usage would limit the use of the word cult to groups led by unrighteous men, but
Christ was called Beelzebub and Peter carried a sword so its not always easy to tell ...

One of the cults I want to talk about was armed, the Solar Temple. I had a radio in my first shack on the
church property and no reason to stay up late, so I usually lay in bed listening to the 5:30AM news. I got a
TV station at the end of the dial. I noticed two things as the Solar Temple story broke. First, about 50
members of the cult were dead in Switzerland and Canada and it was called a suicide
before the
investigation started. Second, later broadcasts told me less than the initial one. It made me suspicious,
so I listened for the story. At first, they said the leader was missing, later they found him among the
bodies. Eventually, they changed the finding from suicide to murder by persons unknown. Months later
another 9 members of the Solar Temple died in France. The broadcast reporting these deaths claimed
that they had committed suicide just like their dead fellow members in Switzerland and Canada. That's
right, some powerful group murdered this church in three countries and caused the media to lie about it
in a fourth.

The other cult was known as Heaven's Gate. They deplored the use of alcohol and drugs, members had
given up sex, and their web page said they didn't believe in suicide. One night almost all of them, about
40, used a combination of drugs and alcohol to commit suicide.

Again I was suspicious. Each of these church members was paying $250 a month ($10,000 divided by 40)
for home and office space in a lovely California mansion with a pool. They created Web pages and their
overhead was so low that no one could compete with them, a situation which insured that they had plenty
of money. If they did the obvious and gave all their income to the church, they wouldn't even pay taxes. I
have never believed that prosperous people living in a crime-free, beautiful, comfortable place
surrounded by friends would commit suicide, so frankly, I just didn't believe that Heaven's Gate did.

Which brings us to why some secret group has been killing the cults. I have an explanation, if you will
hear it. Many churches are preaching the Second Coming of Christ. Some, like the Branch Davidians, are
also preaching 6000 years of Satan's rule before the 1000 year Millennium Kingdom. This is a 1000 year
Sabbath Rest from wickedness in high places as Christ chains up Satan so “that he should deceive the
nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled.” (Rev. 20:3). Some Bibles use a dating method
which suggests that 1996 was 6000 years from Creation. So the Kingdom of God on earth as prophesied in
Dan. 2 almost here. Satan does not expect to find the Second Coming of Christ at the First Baptist on
Third and Main. No, just as before, Satan is looking for Christ to come in a “cult” ...

Amo Paul Bishop Roden