Personally, I don't blame Julian Assange for publishing the Wikileaks documents, and I don't blame the
person(s) who stole the Wikileaks documents. I place the blame for the entire fiasco on the boneheads
who put thousands of sensitive documents on a database. The theft of the contents of fifty file cabinets
would have been extremely difficult, but the entire database probably left the building in a briefcase.

Putting sensitive documents online, which seemed like a good idea at the beginning of the computer
age, has proven repeatedly to be an extremely bad idea. The Computer Age has morphed into the
Internet Age, fellas. Murphy's Law has struck again. Suck it up and learn from your mistakes.

To those who say computerized information is essential, I reply, computerize carefully worded extracts
and summaries. The diplomats would not be anywhere near as upset if they had been as diplomatic in
private as they were in public. On a summary, they could have called an uneducated lout a "man of the
people," or they could have mentioned taking bribes with a discrete comment, favorite present is cash.

At any rate, now that you know whose side I'm on, I'm worried about what will happen to Julian Assange. I
have also had legal actions used to stop me. It is by the grace of God that I only spent 15 days in jail. Jail
is an extremely dangerous place. I was poisoned in jail by a guard who promised me pure spring water.
Fortunately I only took a sip. George Roden was drugged to incoherence twice when I visited him, he
complained of being poisoned once and he died in jail from questionable causes. The first report of a
broken neck was followed by the official claim that he died of a heart attack. The State gave him a free
funeral and kept the body.  

I have some advice for those who believe in openness in government and those who don't believe that
media publishers should be prosecuted as spies for publishing inconvenient documents.

It appears that Julian will be prosecuted both in Sweden and the United States, although there has been
so much official waffling about how to turn his actions in Sweden into a crime that the case against him
there may collapse by itself. However, there are ways to fight both legal actions, which lawyers, as
officers of the court, may not be allowed to undertake.

First step, get a complete copy of the contents of any legal file involving Julian. All courts rely on
paperwork, and some parts of all prosecutions must appear in a public file. Obtain and publish the
contents of the file. Set up a website for the documents used in prosecuting Julian.

Publishing the file contents will be complicated by a language barrier in the case of the Swedish sex
charges, so take the file contents to a University professor who teaches Swedish and get a certified
translation. In other words, have the professor who prepared the English copy affix a statement giving
his name, listing his qualifications and swearing that he has provided a true and correct copy.

If you can not obtain a copy of the documents detailing the crimes Julian is charged with, be prepared to
demonstrate repeatedly. Hidden prosecution is overt persecution.

I have seen lawyers lie to the media about the contents of legal files. The difference between the
headlines about the sex charges against Julian (rape) and what you can uncover with an in depth look
at what happened (unprotected sex) is great. You can expect the continuation of big official lies in the
Swedish sex crimes case.

The American prosecution will probably rely on promising a light sentence for the actual thief in
exchange for implicating Julian in the theft. If that is impossible they may use a creative interpretation
of the law to prosecute him.

The American government is famous for being vindictive. They still have not forgiven Cuba for a battle
they lost in the Kennedy administration (see The Bay of Pigs). They have not forgiven Viet Nam for the
war that was lost there. They will twist the legal statures and turn truth upside down to get even with
Julian Assange. I would expect them to prosecute him, doing whatever is required.  

In this country, court rooms do not generally allow independent recording devices. To get around this,
have activists in the court room to take notes and obtain documents. Use the team approach.

Jack DeVault, the author of "The Waco Whitewash," went as a witness to the Branch Davidian murder /
conspiracy trials and uncovered the devices used to secure a conviction (not the least of which was a
conspiracy involving all 15 DEFENSE attorneys to keep the jury from hearing the Branch Davidian
witnesses that said the government fired first.) (Jack DeVault, "The Waco Whitewash," Rector Press,
Limited, 1995, ISBN: 0760526117).

Jack was run down by a car and lost a foot after his book came out. Maybe this was coincidence, but use
a team approach to auditing the trial anyway. The judge may limit your ability to publish during the trial,
so publish as soon as possible.

I wrote this about the murder / conspiracy trial when I published my notes on the coverup:

""FEBRUARY 26,1994 The Koreshite defendants were mostly convicted. Federal Judge Walter Smith
eliminated over two-thirds of the jury pool with a questionnaire which required details of religious
affiliation and commitment, opinions of media bias in coverage of the Standoff, membership in rifle
associations or gun ownership, membership in informed jury associations (which place justice above
judge's instructions), and exposure to the Linda Thompson video, "Waco, The Big Lie". The names of
jurors were kept secret. After allowing three weeks for the prosecution to present its case, the defense
rested in a day and a half without allowing any Koreshite to testify. Since Judge Smith had removed
Wayne Martin's statements that the A.T.F. had fired first from the 911 tape before the jury heard it, no
juror heard the Koreshite claim that the A.T.F. fired first. (The A.T.F. wounded Koresh in the side as he
stood in the front doorway to receive the warrant. Then the F.B.I. hid the metal front door, which was
riddled with incoming rounds fired on Koresh. More on this door follows.) The jury found the
defendants not guilty of murder and conspiracy to murder. They found them guilty of provoked
manslaughter and possession of a firearm with intent to commit a felony. The latter charge was part of
the murder or conspiracy to murder charge and should not have been included without a conviction on
one of those charges. Initially the judge dismissed the possession with intent conviction. Then without
resubmitting the issue to the jury, the judge reinstated the conviction. He doubled the statutory
maximums and sentenced most defendants to 40 years. (The trial information in this paragraph comes
from Jack DeVault, who documented the trial and gave me a copy of his book, “The Waco Whitewash.”)""
(See No. 4, "The Coverup," on this website.)

In case you are curious, here is the entry about the missing door:

""AUGUST TO OCTOBER, 1994 Ten 25 cubic yard dumpsters were placed along the driveway in front of
the site of the ruin and the lead contamination clean up began. The clean up removed the soil from
under the site, and checked each rubble pile for evidence. The missing metal front door was found in a
rubble pile. This metal door would have been important to the defense of the Koreshites because it
showed the incoming rounds fired on Koresh as he stood in the front door to accept the warrant. The
door went up in the claw that was moving rubble piece by piece from an old pile to a new pile. I saw it
and yelled, "The door, the door, they found the door" to alert visiting friends. The door hung in the claw
for a minute or two, then was lowered to the ground between the old and new rubble piles. Work
stopped and everyone went home an hour and a half early. The door never surfaced again..."" (See No.
4, "The Coverup," on this website.)

By law, in the United States, attorneys must be licensed in the state they practice, so the government
will force Julian to take an American attorney. Not only did the government pressure 15 attorneys not to
defend the Branch Davidain defendants in the murder / conspiracy trial, they also successfully
perverted the attorney who presented the Branch Davidian wrongful death lawsuit.

""The courts are still conspiring to cover up government misdeeds. I say conspiring because one of the
Branch Davidian attorneys, Michael Caddell misrepresented one of the three simultaneous fires. He got
the south-west corner second floor fire and the dining room fire right but he moved the gym fire at the
back of the building to the chapel area in the middle of the building and “admitted” that his clients lit it.
In fact, all three fires were lit by the FBI."

""The next day the Waco Tribune Herald replaced that fire in the gym, but I was taking notes and
listening carefully and I heard Caddell correctly. Now, the gym fire is the one that really convicts the
government, what with the incendiary device pits still on the gym slab and the heat plumes from that
area of pitted burned concrete on the F.B.I. Infrared scans and the aerial pictures of a huge early fire in
that area and a tank tearing down that part of the building before the fire. (See No. 3, "The Fire" for
more.) Incidentally, the aerial photos shot from an F.B.I. helicopter don't show a chapel area fire, only
the second floor southwest corner fire, the dining room fire and the gym fire."" (See No. 7, "The
Wrongful Death Lawsuit" on this website.)

It is likely that the government will pressure Julian's attorney, so his (her) every action must be subject
to very close scrutiny. They will pressure the media as well, your team must observe the trial personally
to get the truth.

Another area where the government will attempt to exercise control is in the selection of the jury pool.
Here in America the secret societies are used to set up large groups of jurors who have been
programmed to "do the right thing for country and community" and argue for conviction during jury
deliberations. For all large trials and particularly political trials, this group of pro-prosecution jurors is
so well represented in the pool of prospective jurors that it is almost impossible not to have some of
them on  the jury.

In the Randy Weaver trial, it took almost three weeks for these pro-prosecution jurors to agree to only
find Weaver guilty on one charge. (See Randy Weaver trial.) The attorneys for O. J. Simpson appear to
have avoided the problem with a long jury selection resulting in a jury which did not contain any white
males (the usual profile of a secret society member). If possible, investigate each juror's affiliations.

My last recommendation: be very careful about who you trust. To my knowledge, there were at least
nine agents or assets (temporary helpers) infiltrated into the Branch Davidian church to aid the coverup
that followed the Standoff. Several church members also helped the government. Ignore what people
say and watch carefully what they do.

Amo Paul Bishop Roden