A cover-up is by nature a conspiracy since a number of people in a position to know the truth tell some
agreed upon lie instead. If the cover-up is less than completely successful, those who expose the truth
are branded "conspiracy theorists" with the implication that they are paranoid and delusional.

Sometimes, as with the Kennedy assassination, the cover-up / conspiracy theory debate continues for
decades. Despite a 5 hour History Channel series debunking the official version of J.F.K.'s death, in the
summer of 2000 a weekly news magazine was referring with contempt to conspiracy theories of the

The difference between a conspiracy theory and refuting the official version of events is striking. An
honest to God conspiracy theory follows. The facts all are true, the conclusion may be false.

First, here are those facts. Both houses of Congress were given copies of Linda Thompson's video
"Waco, The Big Lie" with its damning media footage, one copy per member. They also received copies of
explosives expert Benton Parton's 23 page report on the interior bombs in the Murrah Building on the
day it exploded.

Here is the conspiracy theory. President Clinton was afraid that a politician who had not been
compromised by these two cover-ups (as all sitting Congressmen were) would follow him into the White
House, so he ordered the assassination of J.F.K., Jr. Now that's a conspiracy theory!

The Danforth investigation's preliminary report, on the other hand, is a cover-up. It ignores a lot of hard
evidence that contradicts its conclusions. Around the start of the investigation, exposure of the use of
pyrotechnics (tear gas canisters with tiny explosive devices to spread the gas) on the last day was made
public. It was always stated that these pyrotechnics did not start the fire, but the Danforth investigation
focused on the fact that they were used and not admitted to explain the cover-up and treated the
pyrotechnics as the only significant evidence of government wrongdoing, exonerating the government.

Danforth mentions the news footage in passing, implying that its contents are not worth study. He
misrepresents the contents of Linda Thompson's video and the F.B.I. heat scans, ignores the F.B.I. aerial
pictures of the fire and alters the history of the Standoff to support his conclusions. All in all, the
preliminary Danforth Report is a very deceptive document, outright lies hidden in 153 pages of minute

Amo Paul Bishop Roden