Article No. 119 on this website, "Conspiracy Theory," suggests that the current social and economic  
turmoil in America is the result of a satanic plot. That plot was brought to my attention about 1994 when I
was given a copy of the conspiracy master plan which my informant said he reproduced from memory
thirty years before after attending a conspiracy meeting.

Essentially the conspiracy master plan was an attack on the morality and prosperity of Christians in
America. It was a plan to install the New World Order which had many goals. Here is the first:

"Goals:     To eliminate the middle class and especially the Christians who were viewed as standing in
the way..."

Here are some of the economic means that the plan was to utilize:

"1.   Lowering the standard of living by making all new investment in plants and equipment overseas,
allowing US industry to rot down, especially heavy industries like steel, shipbuilding, etc."

"9.   A vast welfare system was to be created to get increasing numbers of citizens under federal control
and to tax the working class out of their life-style and property."

"12.   The private Federal Reserve System was to be used to increase usury and drive the economy

"18.   Foreign trade agreements were to be made to both reduce US industry and open borders to
eliminate the concept of separate nations."

Assuming that such a plot exists, it has been very successful as an economic attack on American middle
class Christians. As a group they lost about half of their net worth in the Great Recession. (Rex Nutting,
"How the Bubble Destroyed the Middle Class," MarketWatch, July 8, 2011).

The exporting of industry has shrunk America's tax base. "For American manufacturers, the bad years
didn’t begin with the banking crisis of 2008. Indeed, the U.S. manufacturing sector never emerged from
the 2001 recession, which coincided with China’s entry into the World Trade Organization. Since 2001,
the country has lost 42,400 factories, including 36 percent of factories that employ more than 1,000
workers (which declined from 1,479 to 947), and 38 percent of factories that employ between 500 and
999 employees (from 3,198 to 1,972). An additional 90,000 manufacturing companies are now at risk of
going out of business... Without an industrial base, an increase in consumer spending, which pulled the
country out of past recessions, will not put Americans back to work." (Richard McCormack, "The Plight
of American Manufacturing," The American Prospect, December 21, 2009).

The welfare system and the debt which the Federal Reserve ties to every dollar printed has bankrupted
the Federal Government. (The current National Debt is over $14 Trillion.)

Competing for jobs with poorly paid foreign workers whose governments promote their exports with
tricks forbidden by the World Trade Organization has shrunk or taken away the paychecks of American
workers. (Peter Navarro, "How China unfairly bests the U.S." The Los Angeles Times, Op-Ed, June 21,
2011; The “Jobless and Wageless” Recovery from the Great Recession of 2007-2009: The Magnitude and
Sources of Economic Growth Through 2011 I and Their Impact on Workers, Profits and Stock Values,
Center For Labor Market Studies, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, May, 2011).

In allowing all these things, America's federal government seems to have gone insane. Instead of
dealing with the problems which have devastated America's middle class, politicians are telling huge
lies to the public. Are they simply crazy or are key men crazy like foxes, part of a satanic conspiracy
aimed at reducing middle class Christians to poverty? Here are some of the lies:

Obama has implied that the solution to the economic problem is to tax the rich. But the rich don't have
enough income to fill the deficits. Even taking ALL the income of the top 1% won't fill the holes.
""Consider the Internal Revenue Service's income tax statistics for 2008, the latest year for which data
are available. The top 1% of taxpayers—those with salaries, dividends and capital gains roughly above
about $380,000—paid 38% of taxes. But assume that tax policy confiscated
all the taxable income of all
the "millionaires and billionaires" Mr. Obama singled out. That yields merely about $938 billion, which is
sand on the beach amid the $4 trillion White House budget, a $1.65 trillion deficit, and spending at 25%
as a share of the economy, a post-World War II record... The rich, in short, aren't nearly rich enough to
finance Mr. Obama's entitlement state ambitions—even before his health-care plan kicks in."" ("Where
the Tax Money Is, Obama targets the middle class while pretending to tax only the rich," The Wall Street
Journal, Digital Network, April 17, 2011).

Additionally, the core message of Obama's administration is that all Americans require complex
government intervention in their health care. (Actually what the poor need are free clinics with triage
intake and scheduling - emergency cases first - in their neighborhoods, a much cheaper alternative
which cuts out the insurance companies. Because most drug stores mark-up drugs by shocking
amounts, an on-site low mark-up pharmacy could help pay for each clinic, while benefiting the poor.)

Further Obama promotes government spending as a way to stimulate the economy into producing jobs.
This approach simply does not work. As the last three recessions have proved, recessions these days
are about job loss and
very slow recovery.

"Total payroll employment grew by 3.242 million or 4.2% during the recovery from the 1973-75 recession
and by an even stronger 6.231 million jobs or 7.0% in the recovery from the 1981-82 recession. In
contrast, payroll employment grew very modestly (only .4%) in the first seven quarters of recovery from
the 1990-91 recession.

"Following the end of the 2001 recession in November of that year, payroll employment continued to fall
through the summer of 2003 and remained .8%
below its trough level seven quarters later in the third
quarter of 2003. In the current recovery, despite the growth in employment since the Spring of 2010, the
total number of nonfarm wage and salary jobs in the first quarter of this year (130.558 million) was still
nearly 400,000
below its level at the trough of the recession in the second quarter of 2009." (The
“Jobless and Wageless” Recovery from the Great Recession of 2007-2009: The Magnitude and Sources
of Economic Growth Through 2011 I and Their Impact on Workers, Profits and Stock Values, Center For
Labor Market Studies, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, May, 2011).

The Republicans have been promoting the idea that the solution to the problem is to let the rich keep
more of their money because their investment in business will lead to economic recovery. They take
this stance not because it is true, but because the rich fund their campaigns. In fact, America is
hemorrhaging jobs, because jobs are being exported faster than they are being created.
"Manufacturing employment dropped to 11.7 million in October 2009, a loss of 5.5 million or 32 percent
of all manufacturing jobs since October 2000." (Richard McCormack, "The Plight of American
Manufacturing," The American Prospect, December 21, 2009).

In total, the Great Recession cost America 6.6 million jobs. These jobs have not yet been recovered, and
will not be recovered without investment in America. The rich are investing for high return, and with
free trade, they are able to get the highest return on their money outside of America. Because they are
not investing in America, the rich do not deserve tax breaks and tax loop holes in America.

These lies sound like business as usual, the Democrats playing to their constituencies, the poor and the
unions, and the Republicans advocating for businessmen and the rich. But you will notice, neither party
is fighting for the middle class, the biggest losers in the Great Recession. Many educated and/or skilled
middle class people are being pushed into the ranks of the poor by these false competing ideologies of
the Republicans and the Democrats.

One thing that characterises current or former middle class people. They want jobs, not handouts. And
they don't want to flip burgers. They want jobs that exercise their skills and talents or at a minimum offer
them good pay for hard work.

What stands between those who have lost their jobs and a new desirable job? The answer is found in
item number 18 of the conspiracy document.  

"18.   Foreign trade agreements were to be made to both reduce US industry and open borders to
eliminate the concept of separate nations."

Take trade with China for an example. China joined the World Trade Organization in 2000. But the World
Trade Organization can not control China.

"America's trade deficit is costing us close to 1% of GDP growth a year at a loss of almost 1 million jobs
annually. That's millions of jobs we have failed to create over the last decade; and if we had those jobs
now, we wouldn't see continuing high unemployment numbers, padlocked houses under foreclosure
and empty factories pushing up weeds... The most potent of China's "weapons of job destruction" are
an elaborate web of
export subsidies; the blatant piracy of America's technologies and trade secrets;
counterfeiting of valuable brand names like Nike and Chevy; a cleverly manipulated and grossly
undervalued currency
; and the forced transfer of the technology of any American company wishing to
operate on Chinese soil or sell into the Chinese market." (Peter Navarro, "How China unfairly bests the
U.S." The Los Angeles Times, Op-Ed, June 21, 2011. See also No. 126, "Communism 1, Democracy 0" on
this website.)

Obama has been indifferent to controlling China. ""China has intervened massively in the foreign
exchange markets for at least five years, buying at least $1 billion every day to keep the dollar strong
and its own renminbi weak," Fred Bergsten, president of the Peterson Institute for International
Economics, said in the text of a speech."

""This is by far the largest protectionist measure adopted by any country since the Second World War --
and probably in all of history," Bergsten said."

"Bergsten estimated the China's renminbi, also known as the yuan, is currently undervalued by at least
20 percent against the U.S. dollar as a result of China's currency intervention.

"Bergsten, who served in various White House and Treasury positions between 1969 and 1981, has long
been a critic of China's exchange rate policies.

Bergsten again urged the U.S. Treasury Department to formally label China a currency manipulator,
something it has refused to do five times under President Barack Obama
." (Reporting by Doug Palmer;
Editing by Andrea Ricci, "China may be worst protectionist ever: U.S. analyst," Rueters, Aug 12, 2011).

Michelle Bachmann has said of Barack Obama, "Whose side is he on? I don't think he's on our side
anymore. I really don't think he's on our side." Based on Obama's failure to act to curb China, it's clear to
me that he is NOT on the side of the Christian middle class.

Is there really a conspiracy to destroy the Christian middle class of America? As a believer in Christ, I
have to believe that there is.

When Christ and Satan faced off at the start of Christ's ministry, Satan boasted to Christ that he
controlled the world.

"And the devil, taking Him up into an high mountain, shewed unto Him all the kingdoms of the world in a
moment of time. And the devil said unto Him, All this power will I give Thee, and the glory of them: for
that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it." (Luke 4:5,6).

As Christ represents all that is good, Satan represents all that is evil. Christ loves Christians, Satan
hates them. Of course Satan would unite all the power of the kingdoms of the world in a conspiracy to
destroy Christians.

I would be the first to agree that America's politicians have been a big disappointment for years. In the
last decade, they presided over the economic destruction of America. They seem content to allow the
economic carnage to continue while they tell lies to the American people in the hope that their core
constituencies will reelect them. A second Great Depression seems inevitable. Indeed, the latest food
stamp figures from the USDA suggest America is already in GDII.

"There were 312,240,000 people in the United States, mid May 45,753,078 of them were on food stamps.
That’s 14.7% of all Americans on food stamps. The average monthly amount? $133.80.

"This is the new economic metric, how many people are so poor, so broke, they qualify and use food
stamps. The data is hard to find, not explained and located on the USDA site...

"Even more telling the amount of people on food stamps has increased 69.4% since October 2007. Since
the so-called end of the Great Recession, people on food stamps has increased 28.5%." ("46 Million
People are on Food Stamps in the United States," EU Times, Aug 9th, 2011). The Food Stamp program is
the soup kitchen of GDII.

I have always advocated moving to the country as the best long term strategy. (On this website, see No.
127, "Surviving GDII.") I hope as well that you will vote a straight Republican ticket. Note that this  
recommendation is not from my conviction that the Republicans are the good guys. The Republicans are
right about controlling government spending, but absolutely wrong about not taxing the rich.

(For the good of the country, all of the loopholes that reduce rich people's taxes should be replaced by
one very low tax rate for profits derived from investment in factories producing goods in America.
If the
Republicans really want the rich to invest in America, then they should ONLY reward them for investing
in America

My recommendation that every middle class Christian vote a straight Republican ticket stems from my
conviction that Barack Obama is a fake Christian, a Muslim who speaks of the Holy Koran and
disrespects the Bible. (On this website, see his own words in No. 107, "The Koran And The Antichrist"
and No. 108, "Slavery, Shellfish, Stoning And Swords: A Reply To Barack Obama.")  I believe, again based
on Obama's own words, that he is also a Marxist. (See No. 12, "God Help Us, The Man Is A Marxist.")

I also believe, based on history, that Barack Obama will be the Democratic candidate for President in
2012. And I am convinced that he is part of what I believe is an ongoing conspiracy to destroy Christians

Amo Paul Bishop Roden

PS. I rethought the vote straight Republican recommendation after the Republican Party hid Buddy
Roemer. On the other hand, I remain convinced that Obama's actual agenda is the destruction of
America. Unfolding events make advice impossible at this time, April 2012.