APRIL 19, 1993 The cover-up began while the fire still burned, as tanks pushed objects into the flames.

APRIL 26, 1993 (approx.) After most of the bodies had been removed, the Texas Rangers arrived to
conduct the investigation and were immediately sworn in as Deputy Federal Marshals. All evidence was
sent to the F.B.I. Crime Lab in Washington, D.C. Using the Texas Ranger investigation for cover, the F.B.I.
investigated and exonerated themselves.

MAY 7,1993 (approx.) A 40 cubic yard dumpster full of "trash" was sent to the landfill on Hubby Hill Road
BEFORE the investigators for the Koreshite defendants were allowed on the site. The "trash" may well
have included bodies of those Koreshites who died in the April 19, 1993 dawn firefight as the F.B.I.
attempted to enter the building through the tunnels. The firefight occurred in the bunker and tunnel
complex that stretched between the northwest corner of the pool and the back door of the buried bus.
The Linda Thompson video, "Waco, The Big Lie" shows media footage of smoke coming from this area
just after sunrise that morning. About 6 AM that morning, the F.B.I. called Parkland Hospital in Dallas and
put their burn unit on standby, which also suggests casualties. If there were bodies from that firefight,
they would have been noticeably different from the charred remains of those who died in the fire. Hubby
Hill Road was renamed Old McGregor Road and has been renamed again. Now it is called Hannah Hill
Road. The cement plant that identified the road has been torn down. When I checked years ago guards
were obvious, but now there is only a gatehouse where vehicles must check in and out.

MAY 9 - 11, 1993 Koreshite defendant's investigator Ramon Salinas was allowed on the site. He could not
videotape the underground room outside the back door of the buried bus because it was full of mud. He
therefore could not videotape the tunnel leading from this room to the underground bunker at the
northwest corner of the pool. A 55-gallon drum (still visible in the ruin) linked this bunker to the small
underground rooms (also still visible), which would have been Koresh's quarters. The tunnel complex
that Ramon Salinas could not videotape was the scene of the dawn firefight on April 19, 1993. Ramon
Salinas' company was shortly hired to provide 24-hour security in the ruin.

MAY 12, 1993 The site was bulldozed by a local construction company, the A.T.F. paid. Before the
bulldozers arrived, Koresh's bullets had no ground contact. The bullets were on the concrete floor of
what government documents called the interior bunker. This was the vault of the administration building
that was destroyed by arson in 1983. Koresh build his church around the vault, his central tower sat atop
it. This old vault survived both fires because it had a concrete roof and floor and concrete block walls. As
the vault was bulldozed, the bullets were spread around the site. Although government documents
establish that the State of Texas knew about the bulldozing for at least a week
before it took place, no
one removed the bullets. The bullets caused the lead contamination.

MAY 17, 1993 After local attorney, Gary Coker volunteered to pay the filing fee, Judge Bill Logue of the
19th District Court of McLennan County issued a temporary order giving the Branch Davidian property
(the site of the Standoff) to the surviving followers of David Koresh without notice to defendant, trustee
George Roden, who was a political prisoner in Vernon State Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

MAY 21,1993 The Texas Water Commission took the first lead samples 9 days after the bulldozing and
shortly thereafter they quarantined the property for lead contamination.

MAY 24,1993 George Roden received notice of the May 25th hearing on the ownership of the Branch
Davidian property. I had no phone. By the grace of God, I got the message he left with Joyce Baty.

MAY 25,1993 I, Amo Paul Bishop Roden, brought newspaper clippings and other documents to the
hearing which established that Koresh's survivor's claim of adverse possession (squatter's rights) was
short of the minimum of five years peaceable and exclusive possession required by law. I filed copies of
the documents in the legal file. Although the judge awarded the property to the Koreshites at the
hearing, no court order was issued. (I believe this early attempt to give the property to Koresh's
followers would have been followed by government seizure of the property under the Federal felony
forfeiture statutes.)

JUNE 15, 1993 (approx.) Repeated sabotage destroyed my old Volvo leaving me afoot. The Texas Water
Commission attempted to call a meeting to discuss how the church would pay the cost of the lead
contamination cleanup. I shouted threats of lawsuit at them.

JUNE 30,1993 (approx.) The Texas Water Commission erected a 6 foot chain link quarantine fence with
three rows of barbed wire on top around seven acres which surrounded the site of the fire.

JULY 12, 1993 McLennan County closed the church road, Double EE Ranch Road, for 6 weeks to allow
three days of road repair. The road was reinforced during the Standoff for tank traffic; it was in good
condition when it was closed for repairs. That afternoon, I drove a borrowed pickup up Elk Road to a hill
south of the property and looked across the fields at the ruin. I saw a large metal arm consistent with
heavy digging equipment lift up once from the ruin, then disappear and fail to reappear in the 5 minutes
that I watched. I believe they were digging up the tunnels where the sunrise firefight took place on April
19, 1993 and did not want to be observed doing it.

JULY 13, 1993 I moved into a ditch at the corner of Elk Road and Double EE Ranch Rd and gave visitors
directions or took them on guided tours of the site for $5 per tour.

JULY 14, 1993 I began an unauthorized investigation through a hole in the fence. About 10 days later I was
arrested and posted bond. Charges were never filed against me because many others had violated the
quarantine and there were pictures of them standing in line to be warned by Deputy Sheriffs. I was the
only one arrested.

JULY 26, 1993 (approx.) The Texas Water Commission hired Salinas Security to provide 24-hour security
inside the quarantine fence that surrounded the site of the fire.

AUGUST 23, 1993 Double EE Ranch Road reopened.

AUGUST 24, 1993 Koreshite attorney Gary Coker's motion for a court order to sell the property was
scheduled for 1:30 PM. At 1:15 I filed documents from Deed Records, which proved that Koresh's claim
was based on an invalid deed and then handed out copies to counsel. Coker and the other lawyers asked
for and got a continuance. That afternoon I moved onto the property and opened it to the public by
removing barricades from the driveway.

AUGUST 25, 1993 McLennan County Sheriff's Dept. Deputies ordered me to leave or be arrested. I
suggested that they tell Koresh's follower's attorney, Gary Coker that I would sue both him and his clients
for malicious prosecution if he allowed his clients to sign a complaint against me. Then I told them "Bring
the handcuffs!" They were unable to get a complaint signed, so they backed down.

OCTOBER 1,1993 (approx.) Elijah Worden had seen a vision of people surrounded by flames in 1990 in
Axtell, Texas, a few miles away. He wrote and recorded music in 1990 about his vision, entitling the album
"From The Ashes." Now he volunteered to give a free Memorial Concert at the church. Andrew Hood, a
self proclaimed prophet with no connection to the church volunteered to build a stage.

OCTOBER 13, 1993 (approx.) My tent blew into shreds in a rainstorm, so I had moved into an abandoned
military shipping box. The McLennan County Sheriff's Dept removed it on 20 minutes notice. "We've come
to unhome you, girl." I set up a makeshift shelter with a tarp, plywood, and pallets.

OCTOBER 23,1993 Elijah Worden made music. Andrew Hood, who I forbid to add a building to the stage
because I thought he was probably an undercover agent, had a message relayed to me from the Sheriff.
That message authorized anyone to build on the property because the court had not determined
ownership. Hood built an 8' by 16' building on the stage, hung a banner advertising "The Christian
Church" and began a short-lived attempt to take over the church with a "simple gospel message."

NOVEMBER 8, 1993 I finished building an 8' by 8' shack to live in and put up a sign that designated it the
Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventist Office. Eventually this shack became the "Second Standoff

NOVEMBER 20,1993 I met Linda Thompson, the lawyer who compiled the media footage in her video,
"Waco, The Big Lie," on the property and we compared notes for two hours. I was never able to contact
her again.

DECEMBER 16, 1993 The Texas Water Commission obtained a Temporary Injunction to clean up the lead
contamination. George Roden received notice of this hearing on Jan. 4, 1994. I filed his appeal protesting
this denial of notice and hearing (“the bedrocks of due process”). It was dismissed for lack of
jurisdiction, but the clean up was postponed.

DECEMBER 27,1993 I heard two explosions in the ruin (inside the fence), which occurred around midnight.

JANUARY 11, 1994 I heard another explosion in the ruin area around midnight. I believe they were
destroying the tunnels to hide the fact that Koresh escaped. Because there were several tunnel entries
under the building, escape was clearly Koresh's plan.

FEBRUARY 26,1994 The Koreshite defendants were mostly convicted. Federal Judge Walter Smith
eliminated over two-thirds of the jury pool with a questionnaire which required details of religious
affiliation and commitment, opinions of media bias in coverage of the Standoff, membership in rifle
associations or gun ownership, membership in informed jury associations (which place justice above
judge's instructions), and exposure to the Linda Thompson video, "Waco, The Big Lie". The names of
jurors were kept secret. After allowing three weeks for the prosecution to present its case, the defense
rested in a day and a half without allowing any Koreshite to testify. Since Judge Smith had removed
Wayne Martin's statements that the A.T.F. had fired first from the 911 tape before the jury heard it, no
juror heard the Koreshite claim that the A.T.F. fired first. (The A.T.F. wounded Koresh in the side as he
stood in the front doorway to receive the warrant. Then the F.B.I. hid the metal front door, which was
riddled with incoming rounds fired on Koresh. More on this door follows.) The jury found the defendants
not guilty of murder and conspiracy to murder. They found them guilty of provoked manslaughter and
possession of a firearm with intent to commit a felony. The latter charge was part of the murder or
conspiracy to murder charge and should not have been included without a conviction on one of those
charges. Initially the judge dismissed the possession with intent conviction. Then without resubmitting
the issue to the jury, the judge reinstated the conviction. He doubled the statutory maximums and
sentenced most defendants to 40 years. (The trial information in this paragraph comes from Jack DeVault,
who documented the trial and gave me a copy of his book, “The Waco Whitewash.”)

APRIL 17, 1994 The "Day of Information" was a collage of truth and falsehood because undercover agents
heavily infiltrated it. Several of them spoke that day.

MAY 25,1994 Prior to the clean up and investigations, three trucks arrived at 11 PM apparently to remove
loads from the quarantine area. Two of these trucks returned at 2 AM and again at 4 AM for further loads.
An aerial photo, which was shown to me in September 1993, showed a small circular hole in the center of
the roof of the interior bunker (the old vault). I had heard rumors of a thermite device on the top of this
bunker and the hole was consistent with this type of device. Thermite will burn through an engine block
in 30 seconds. Most of the children were in this vault and the thermite killed them instantly. Because
thermite leaves characteristic chemical residues, I believe the government stole this vault.

JUNE 24, 1994 Hearings in the morning on the lead contamination clean up and the "official" Branch
Davidian investigations were held in the smallest courtroom in the courthouse to deny me, an intervenor,
the right to defend. (Under Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, if there is no room at the counsel table,
intervenors may be denied access). Both the clean up by the Texas Water Commission and the "official"
Branch Davidian investigation by Gordon Novel (accused by Lyndon LaRouche, publisher of "The New
Federalist", of being a "career government agent provocateur") were approved. That afternoon my plea
in intervention was challenged, but Judge MacDonald ruled that I was a party to the lawsuit. He declined
to rule on the ownership of the property. The survivors of Koresh's church were awarded all the
equipment including the Roden's housemoving gear. In a media interview, the Texas Water Commission
dropped their demand that the church pay for the clean up.

AUGUST TO OCTOBER, 1994 Ten 25 cubic yard dumpsters were placed along the driveway in front of the
site of the ruin and the lead contamination clean up began. The clean up removed the soil from under the
site, and checked each rubble pile for evidence. The missing metal front door was found in a rubble pile.
This metal door would have been important to the defense of the Koreshites because it showed the
incoming rounds fired on Koresh as he stood in the front door to accept the warrant. The door went up in
the claw that was moving rubble piece by piece from an old pile to a new pile. I saw it and yelled, "The
door, the door, they found the door" to alert visiting friends. The door hung in the claw for a minute or
two, then was lowered to the ground between the old and new rubble piles. Work stopped and everyone
went home an hour and a half early. The door never surfaced again. During the lead contamination clean
up, workers were seen in the ruin between 2 AM and 4 AM. I believe underground structures were
removed or altered. The dumpsters had side doors, which would have made stealing evidence easy. A
layer of dirt was placed on the top of each dumpster's contents before it was removed from the site.

NOVEMBER 1,1994 (approx.) With Andrew Hood's permission, I used the building he built on the stage as
a free museum.

NOVEMBER 18, 1994 The security guards left. I split my aluminum extension ladder and put it over the
gate to allow visitors access to the ruin. Wally Kennett threw my ladder into the pond.

NOVEMBER 20, 1994 Andrew Hood requested that I vacate his building so Koresh clone Ron Cole (who I
believed was a government agent) could move into it. I told him to get a court order. The deputies who
responded to his 911 call told him the same thing. Hood responded by repeated visits to threaten me. I
bought a long barrelled 22 hand gun from my friend Joe Robert.

NOVEMBER 23,1994 Andrew Hood brought Wally Kennett, Ron Cole and a locksmith onto the property to
change the lock on his building. Since Kennett was hiding along the side of the building with a gun in his
hand, I suspect killing me was also intended. I fired a shot into the air toward the ponds (90 degrees away
from them) and joined them in the yard about 30 feet from cover. Rather than shoot me down in my own
yard, they changed plans and claimed I fired on Andrew Hood. I was arrested for felony deadly conduct.
Hood locked the building.

NOVEMBER 26, 1994 I posted bond. While I was jailed my shack was robbed and my collection of fire
videos and pictures and $40 was stolen.

JANUARY 6,1995 I was arraigned. The prosecution suggested to the judge that I prove myself mentally
competent to refuse a free attorney.

JANUARY 15, 1995 A visitor kicked the door of Andrew Hood's building and I recovered most of the
display. My collection of Branch Davidian tracts and some artifacts had been stolen by Andrew Hood and
Koresh follower Catherine Mattson. The McLennan County Sheriff's Department took my complaint but no
charges were filed. Both of the eye witnesses, Mr. and Mrs. Plum were dead when I tried to subpoena
them in 1998.

FEBRUARY 10, 1995 Despite extreme pressure from both judge and prosecution, I continued to refuse a
free attorney at the pre-trial hearing. (I knew a "free" attorney had gotten life in a mental hospital for
George Roden when he took Dale Adair's gun away from him and shot him in self-defense. I knew 15
attorneys, some free, had all double-crossed the Koreshite defendants.) The prosecution was granted an
8-point gag order to hamper my defense.

FEBRUARY 13, 1995 The prosecution dismissed the charges against me.

APRIL 19, 1995 The Oklahoma City Bombing was initially blamed on the Branch Davidians. The National
Enquirer blamed me personally for inciting it. The Loud Cry Museum reopened in a 12' by 16' building that
I build with the help of friends.

SPRING 1995 The government began a campaign to keep people away from the church with
disinformation. They placed their people where tourists asked for directions and told them, "There's
nothing there and you'll never find it." I had 80 hand painted road signs stolen in six months.

JULY 26, 1995 Congressional hearings began. Congress ignored the media footage from NBC, CBS and
CNN that was taken from raised platforms. They ignored F.B.I. Video taken on the property and the aerial
pictures of the fire taken April 19, 1993 from a government helicopter. The hearings concentrated on
vilifying David Koresh. This became the pattern for all subsequent investigations. Even the supposedly
independent Danforth investigation mentioned the media footage only in passing, implying it was not
worth study. The Danforth Report also misrepresented the F.B.I. heat scans and ignored F.B.I. aerial

SEPTEMBER 19,1996 My original shack reopened as the Second Standoff Museum. It exposed the cover-
up and the struggle for control of the church property.

JANUARY 1, 1997 Five separate fires burned the Loud Cry Museum, the Second Standoff Museum, Hood's
building, my living quarters and the electric light pole. With my husband Tom Drake's help, I built a
Pavilion to replace them.

MARCH 1998 While I was in Florida, the Pavilion was torn down by one of Koreshite Clive Doyle's
supporters. Clive built his Visitor Center on its exact location.

DECEMBER 1998 Trustee George Roden died in state custody in suspicious circumstances. The first
report was a broken neck. This was amended to a heart attack. The state gave George a free funeral and
kept the body. As the last living trustee, George represented an insurmountable obstacle to Koresh's
survivor's control of the property. I had credibility, they didn't.

SUMMER, 2000 My house on the property was destroyed by arson.

For more on the cover-up see, No. 8, "The Danforth Investigation," No. 9, "The Wrongful Death Lawsuit,"
and No. 6, "King Of The Hill."

Amo Paul Bishop Roden