On free trade, standing in front of the Chinese Embassy, Buddy said:

"Sadly, our president has no clue... He looks at the symptoms and thinks they're the problem. He doesn't
understand why throwing more and more stimulus money into the economy does not stimulate any
improvement... He thinks that we must spend hundreds of millions of dollars retraining American
workers. Retraining them for what? There are no jobs. Our jobs are in China...

"It's like there's a meeting about jobs and there is a big bear in the meeting room. And the bear is eating
the jobs. But no one in the room acknowledges that the bear is even there... To make matters worse,
the bear only eats the really good jobs, manufacturing jobs... Everybody in the room talks about
deregulation, technology, marginal tax rates, budget scrubbing, free trade, loophole closing, but these
are the symptoms. The bear is the problem. We've become the biggest fools in the world, adopting
global free trade while other countries impose trade barriers against our products...

"We've abandoned the simple common sense of our founding fathers, who knew that America could
never achieve greatness unless it protected our manufacturing industries from cheap foreign labor and
unfair competition." (Buddy Roemer, "Roemer: Obama has no clue," CNN, Sept. 1, 2011).

On the size of government, Buddy said:

"Today we're talking about the budget... The government is 25% of our whole economy. Wow! That's too
big! It was only that big for two years before in World War II. This is not World War II. Government at 25%
is what I would call fat, a heavy burden on the tax payer, it's keeping the economy from growing. Where
should it be, you ask, 18.5%... At 18.5% government is strong enough to protect us and help us, but not
so big and fat that it kills the economy.

"We can eliminate the energy subsidies in the budget, for example... That's 40 billion dollars. We can do
a better job of managing government, for example, 42% of federal employees will retire in the next ten
years. I wouldn't replace all of them, maybe replace half of them... We can save 45 billion dollars a year.
We can reduce housing subsidies, save 40 billion a year. We can take the Medicare money... and put it
in block grants to the states, they can do a better job. We can take the Medicare money for senior
citizens, and provide them quality health care, but require insurance companies to compete for the
vouchers that senior citizens would have, we would save a 100 billion a year." (Buddy Roemer. "The
Budget," YouTube).

"The battle in this country is against federal spending. That's the battle that must be won. And we need
government to be strong, where we need the government: to help people on the bottom, to defend our
shores, to prevent unfair trade, to protect America. I'm not against government. What I'm against is
sloppy, fat, bloated, inefficient government." (Buddy Roemer, "Buddy Roemer on "The Money","
YouTube, Sept. 2, 2011).

On control of government by the big money interests, Buddy said:

""I am a banker, and I watched bank reform last year that didn't kill "too big to fail"... I watched bank
reform that didn't reinstate Glass Steagell... I watched bank reform that didn't require the megabanks to
increase their capital as their size went up... And I know that two weeks after the bill passed where the
President of the United States was... He was on Wall Street, at a fund raiser hosted by Goldman Sachs,
who I consider a firm that lied and stole and cheated and not one person went to jail. He went to Wall
Street and accepted tickets to his fund raiser at $35,000 a ticket. This system is corrupt, and I don't just
hold President Obama to a standard of moral high ground, I hold them all."" (Ibid).

""They write banking bills and they're a joke. "Too big to fail" is still allowed in this country. The nation is
hurting and Washington, DC is a boom town..."" (Buddy Roemer, "Governor Buddy Roemer on the Dylan
Ratigan Show, March 10, 2011).

""I believe the country is on the brink of serious financial difficulty... I look to Washington for a solution
and they're indebted. They're indebted to PAC money, "I only want access" money, "too big to fail"
money, tort lawyer money, pharmaceutical money, insurance money. My God, where does it end!"" (Ibid).

The Buddy Roemer campaign also wants to strive for energy independence by the end of this decade,
bring our Armed Forces home from “oil” duty, make the tax code simpler, eliminate corporate and Wall
Street welfare, and change the healthcare law to eliminate money favors to insurance companies and
pharmaceutical companies. Buddy believes that he must start by tackling the special interest money that
impacts all the rest.

I would add: If you like the sound of this candidate, tell your friends. Because he is limiting contributions
to $100 and won't take special interest money and will likely be ignored by the media (which is owned by
the people who currently control American politics), Buddy needs all the grass roots support he can get.

Amo Paul Bishop Roden