"Americans Elect, a group that set out to secure ballot access for a yet-to-be-named centrist presidential
candidate, has thrown in the towel.

"After spending $35 million to create an online nomination process and petition for a line on the ballot in
more than half the states — the group’s leaders acknowledged Thursday that they couldn’t find a

"Americans Elect’s leading candidate was Republican Buddy Roemer, a former Louisiana governor, who
had accumulated nearly 6,000 supporters on the group’s Web site." (Krissah Thompson, "Americans Elect
calls it quits," The Washington Post, 05/17/2012).

That sounds legitimate. How do I know it was a hoax? I have two sources of information not available to
the average American. First, I tried to vote for Buddy Roemer twice and both times the website refused
me the right to vote. So I know that
Americans Elect was systematically refusing voters.

Second, the implication of the collapse of the Americans Elect mission is that Americans are not
interested in a third party. That is simply not creditable.

US News & World Report asked, ""Would you like the see a third-party candidate in the 2012 presidential
race?" As of Feb. 24th, 2012, over 87% of those who answered said "Yes."

""Conditions could be right for a third-party candidate to win the presidency next year, according to noted
elections expert Curtis Gans... Gans points out that a private group called "Americans Elect" has been
working industriously to qualify a third-party ticket for the ballot in all 50 states. This well-financed effort,
coupled with sagging trust in the major parties and other factors, could mean a third-party ticket "might
win," Gans concludes."

""Gans says there are five "minimal conditions" for such an effort to succeed:
"A deep feeling that the nation is on the wrong track."
"Disaffection with the two major parties and their candidates."
"A line on the ballot in every state."
"Adequate money to conduct a competitive campaign."
"Candidates for president and vice president who the public can feel are competent to fulfill the duties of
those offices and who offer hope of something different than what has occurred..."" (Kenneth T. Walsh,
"Could Third-Party Candidate Win White House in 2012?," US News & World Report, December 27, 2011).

The first two of these conditions have obviously been met. I believe that in Buddy Roemer the last of
these conditions was also met. The defection of Americans Elect leaves the middle two uncertain,
although Buddy Roemer has qualified for federal matching funds.

I can not believe that Americans are willing to blindly accept two candidates sponsored by the same
power elite that stole half of the wealth of the middle class in 2008 and has American workers contending
with an unemployment rate which independent economists say exceeds 20%, when workers too
discouraged to look for work and part timers who want full time work are added to those actively seeking
work (the ones the government counts as unemployed).

I must therefore conclude that Americans Elect was a hoax, purposely designed to convince Americans
that there was so little interest in a third party that it is not a viable option in 2012. The major parties must
have your vote and the power elite whose interests they represent are not above a conspiracy to reelect
one of their candidates.

Amo Paul Bishop Roden